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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 11, 2013 at 5:22 PM

I'm an 18yo male 67kg 12%BF looking to put on lean muscle mass using the leangains protocol. I'm two weeks in, and lift heavy twice per week. On rest days, i fast (with bulletproof coffee) for 16 hours and eat for 8 as recommended. I usually get 150g fat, 180g protein and 30g carbs on these days. This works out at approx. 2200 calories, which is roughly my TDEE. On workout days however, when i drop my fat and up my carb intake, my appetite SKYROCKETS. I wasnt really counting, but last saturday I estimate I ate 500-600 grams carbs from fruit, sweet-potatoes, white rice and some honey PWO, and roughly 300g protein (<50gfat), and I probably could have eaten more if I'd wanted to. Is this ok, if my primary goal is muscle gain?

And also, is there any other changes i should make to this diet/excercise routine to promote muscle growth? Thanks.

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on January 11, 2013
at 09:40 PM

Hey Rory,

If you are serious about gaining muscle I would recommend reading some of Lyle Mcdonald's stuff over at bodyrecomposition.com

He recommends getting to 12-15% BF or more and putting on muscle in that area.

I've been using leangains for weight loss for a year now and I am beginning to enter into the maintenance phase because Ive reached my goal!

Also, make sure you really read and re-read Martin's site for helpful information. There is a lot of stuff I missed that ended up hurting me in the long run because I didn't slow down and read everything he discusses on his site.

I have now moved from a strict IF schedule to a more lax one. Incorporating more of a 5-2 fast lifestyle with IF on workout days and the 2 total days on wednesday and sunday with allowable cheat room for special occasions.

The main thing, on workout days, just remember to eat, eat, eat, and eat to about 0.5-1.5x above maintenance even if that means breaking the fast earlier or later. I'd also recommend the pre-workout BCAA's be from a source of 50% protein and 50% carb meal instead of a powder/supplement.

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