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Answered on August 19, 2014
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Dr Thomas Dayspring - "dietary cholesterol plays almost no role in atherosclerosis ??? that the problem is endogenously produced cholesterol?"

Can someone possibly explain this to me - I do not understand.

Dr Thomas Dayspring - "Cellular production of cholesterol is by far the largest source of total body cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol is a negligible pool of the absorbable cholesterol - most intestinal cholesterol derives from the hepatobiliary system. Of the cholesterol pool amenable to absorption >85% is biliary, < 15% ingested."

Can someone also explain this to me as well - I'm confused.

Dr Thomas Dayspring - "dietary carbs are absolutely not needed for any reason whatsoever and may be toxic. Also check out the Paleo Diets and why it might be better to derive energy from ketones rather than glucose."

So - does this mean that there is NO LIMIT on daily consumption of cholesterol and that a ZERO CARB diet is optimal????

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on August 09, 2013
at 09:05 PM

He is correct that dietary cholesterol plays a very small, if any, role in atherosclerosis. Many of the other foods that you eat play a much bigger part, such as pro- inflammatory seed oils and chemically made transfats. As to the dietary need of carbohydrates, yes the body has adapted to survive without them, so yes there is no need. Whereas humans would die without dietary protein or fat. Saying carbs aren't needed doesn't mean that the healthiest way to eat is without them, but I would argue the standard American diet has far too many carbs. Exercise isn't necessarily needed for survival either, but "living" and being alive is not the same thing.

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