Oily skin overnight?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 11, 2012 at 9:13 PM

So I have been transitioning into a "paleo" diet for a couple months now. For those past 2 months a typical meal has been a peice of meat or a few eggs, with a sweet potato or baked potato, and I would say a couple pats of butter and occassionally a little cheese.

Being somewhat new at this I realized I really wasn't getting enough of the right calories (I'm lean as it is, and was only losing weight). Eventually came across the Perfect Health Diet and have followed it to a tee for the past 4 or 5 days, this meant a large increase in both safe starches and saturated fat (mostly from butter). Literally the day after upping the carbs and sat fat, the skin on my face became extremely oily, especially forehead and nose area, to the point where if I lied face down on my pillow there's an oily stain. It has remained that way for the last few days and I'm pretty certain it's from the dietary changes.

What about my dietary changes could this be due to? Usually I have chronically dry skin so I can't say it's the worst thing in the world but I'm curious.



on January 31, 2012
at 02:45 PM

I've been struggling with this as well. My skin has gotten very oily, and I notice that my scalp is producing more oil than I'm accustomed to. I used to be able to shower every other day, but now I feel like I need to shower every day. I don't really like it. I have upped my meat consumption quite a bit, but now I feel greasy. I'm hoping it will even out?



on January 12, 2012
at 05:43 AM

Also, if you have historically been dry, your body may just be re-calibrating.



on January 12, 2012
at 05:42 AM

Umm, are you including veggies? I have been seeing many posts like this here at paleohacks, people say what carbs & meat they're eating, but not the veggies. I get extra greasy too when I start back into serious paleo (I was off a lot at the holidays). It adjusts. But seriously, lots more veggies.



on January 12, 2012
at 12:12 AM

It could be the result of a high gravy count. Bloodwork may be in order.



on January 11, 2012
at 09:52 PM

Thanks for the response. What is the connection between butter and cholesterol? Sorry still learning.

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on January 11, 2012
at 09:26 PM

Saturated fat increases sebum production. This would actually be a good and is the natural order of things, though butter consumption is not. Consider trading butter for beef fat lest you become one of these poor SOBs with a total cholesterol of 4-500.

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7 Answers



on August 07, 2013
at 02:00 AM

Cut out dairy and your skin should produce less oil. You can also take cod liver oil to control the amount of oil your skin produces.


on April 16, 2013
at 02:24 AM

I think you should try to wait this out. One thing you might try if this doesn't go away is a cleanser with tea tree oil in it. I use one before bed because it slows down oil production in the skin for a few hours after using it. You might save your pillowcases this way :-)


on April 02, 2013
at 12:56 AM

It's all about the omega 3:6 ratio for me. Too much of one or the other makes my skin, especially my face and chest, very greasy. I don't know the science, nor am I interested in the reasons, but this is what happens to me.



on January 07, 2013
at 04:34 PM

Try the oil cleansing method for washing your face. Using oil actually won't make your face oilier. http://www.theoilcleansingmethod.com/



on January 07, 2013
at 02:53 AM

Your skin may be over-compensating.. This may seem like a super weird suggestion, but try moisturizer after washing your face. It tricks your body into thinking you dont need the oil. It worked for me and I found out from another person who it worked for too!



on December 16, 2012
at 02:56 PM

I have always been a non-oily person. My teenage years went by with out a bit of acne, only really had a few zits I can think of. I never wash my face, which my wife thinks is crazy since I never have skin issues. Once I started taking extra virgin coconut oil in my coffee twice a day I noticed a feeling of greasiness. It comes on late in the day, and especially in the morning before my shower. I feel like I could shower two-three times a day. I figure I am not use to the feeling of it all. My complexion is the same, and I have in fact seen less leg/thigh pimples from working out since starting supplementation.



on January 31, 2012
at 02:24 PM

But always check your moistrizer if it's oil free, since it's already oily it'll be oilier and oilier every time you use it.

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