My arguments against paleo (friendly intents)

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 09, 2011 at 9:06 PM

I think this site is great for people who have read about nutrition a bit and now want to act like total professionals. I ate grains since forever and have no digestive issues and my bloodwork also shows no missing minerals or vitamins despite those "anti-nutrients". I think this is about a lifestyle and hobby, a way to feel part of a group and accomplished and not just diet. No offense but i just don't believe it, grains actually are very rich in minerals vitamins and also fiber. You can't compare just calories cause those "superior " veggies are only low cal before you drip them in tons of fat like butter or olive oil, so don't compare vitamins per calorie, that's just stupid. People here don't have a nutrition degree and real nutritionist don't advice people not to eat grains or dairy. No offense just my honest opinion. Also carbs are the bodies main source of energy not fat. I personally eat paleo plus oatmeal basically and also eat potatoes. The best lesson form paleo I got is cocking in the right fats, which fats are right for frying, regular oils are pretty much refined garbage. And yes paleo is a healthy diet better then 95 % of diets cause it eliminates junk food, sugar and bad fats while it makes you eat lost of veggies, still I think there is no real proof that oatmeal or wild rice or potatoes aren't healthy, I work out intensively again and I feel like I benefit greatly from the complex carbs. Our bodies have by average 400 grams of carbs (glucose I think) stored in our muscles and about 60 g in our livers. Carbs are beneficial. Low carb works great for many people in terms of fat loss cause it eliminates a lot of refined and crappy carb sources like bagels and cereal overall people actually decrease their calories by cutting out grains and dairy by a good bit and therefore lose fat. If you prove me wrong ok great, I didn't come here to hate. There is also a very strong group thinking mentality, if you go to bodybuilding.com and tell people grains and carbs are bad you would get ridiculed , all this shows that there are a few hundred thousands users on the internet plain out wrong unless you want to tell me that both sides are right in exactly opposite claims - eating 200 g carbs of rice and oatmeal daily and on the other side claiming you should never eat them. That being said I know bodybuilding diets are intended to give big muscles and not be as healthy as possible. Also obsessing over diet is also not healthy, it's not the only factor of success and happiness in life. I personally eat veggies, potatoes (I know they are veggies too), protein (meat, dairy, eggs, some nuts), a bowl oatmeal here and there and good fats (butter, virgin olive oils and the fat from the protein sources), I definitely eat less protein the bodybuilders with their gram per pound I don't think it's that healthy for my joints. So in the end I am similar to paleo with dairy just an occasional bowl of oatmeal in there, but it's about the principal. This post got long but I know people on here are more intelligent and way less flaming then other internet forums so I think some will read it and English is actually my third language (I'm an Croatian born in Germany). This was meant to be constructive, I know the first sentence comes of a little offending but it's just the internet mentality and how people claim things they actually don't know, i used to be like that sometimes. This should be a fun discussion, If I am wrong I can accept it or at least we can agree to disagree and be respectful.



on July 09, 2011
at 10:01 PM

Danke es geht mihr gut, macht des selbst kontolirten denkens, habe lang nicht mehr auf Deutsch geschrieben, warschenlich par fehller dabei. I reposted the question with cliffs at the end.



on July 09, 2011
at 09:26 PM

Debate is good, but I'm not seeing an actual question here.



on July 09, 2011
at 09:25 PM

Also, welcome Oliver. Wie gehts? Do feel free to narrow this down into a question and repost.



on July 09, 2011
at 09:24 PM

Closed due to the sentence "The best lesson form paleo I got is cocking in the right fats".



on July 09, 2011
at 09:18 PM

Paragraphs dude, paragraphs. And of course "what the fuck" @the anonymous downvoter.



on July 09, 2011
at 09:17 PM

A lot of body builders cut carbs to get lean...all I know is that I feel bloated and slow when I eat grains or high carb, like right now, after having two straight meals with more brown rice than I've had in a while.

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on July 09, 2011
at 09:24 PM

Regarding your first point, whether you have "digestive issues" or not is irrelevant. The (admittedly tentative) hypothesis about how gluten causes autoimmune diseases does not require that one have "digestive issues". That is what makes gluten so problematic; you can eat grain for most of your life, feel fine, while the whole time the gluten is silently doing damage. Then one day you wake up with an autoimmune disease. At that point, the damage may be irreversible. In order to argue that grains are not harmful, you'd have to propose a more likely account of how autoimmune diseases are caused than the one implicating gluten.

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