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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 17, 2013 at 8:02 PM

has anyone ever switched from low carb to high carb after having amazing results with low carb?

in other words has anyone perhaps had an issue where they had to go low carb (ex. insulin resistance, carbohydrate intolerance, etc) then, through time, exercise, diet and other things literally regained their insulin sensitivity like a normal human being and was able to consumer adequate amounts of carbohydrates without ill effect?

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3 Answers



on May 17, 2013
at 08:08 PM

Sort of....

I went lowish carb ~50-75g per day per Sisson's advice, and lost quite a bit of weight. But I was just not able to exercise the way I wanted to. So I upped to 100-150g/day and actually lost more weight.

I also tried a ketosis experiment (<15g/day) for a 28 days, and that sucked. So I transitioned back to my 100-150g/day plan.

From my experience, eating carbohydrates is not as much about amount as it is quality. I don't think I would do as well eating 100g of pasta every day.



on May 17, 2013
at 09:28 PM

I eat more of them now that I am working out. It is the only way to get any muscle growth. The carb backloading ideas seem to help minimize any negative effects.


on May 17, 2013
at 11:16 PM

I went low carb under 30g a day & lost 12kg, i now enjoy potatoes & white rice with no weight gain. i don't eat them in excess though but i don't carb count anymore. As for energy, i think i had a little more when i was very low carb, i'm thinking it was due to having more stable blood sugar perhaps, but i don't feel upping my carbs had any significant effects on my everyday life.

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