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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 23, 2013 at 2:39 PM

Can I still have smoothies in the morning with berries and bananas (both high in carbs)Also can I have dairy? High in carbs no? And when you say coconut milk are you talking about the milk alternative in the milk section by the almond/rice milk? Any suggestions for books/references? I am doing kerogen if for health reasons.

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on August 23, 2013
at 03:08 PM

Read "The Art and Science of Low Carb Living". As a general rule, keep you daily net carbs (carbs-fiber) under 50g (mostly from veggies, fruit might not be the best idea), protein at .6g-1g per lb of lean body mass and fill the rest of your needed calories with fat.

There a LOT of threads on this site as well, but that should give you a baseline. Ketosis isn't something to just jump into...take some time, do some research, read that book and then come back with more specific questions if you still have them.

Also, everyone is different...some people can have 100g net carbs/day and still be fine. Good luck!


on August 23, 2013
at 06:32 PM

When you want to try a ketogenic diet here are the main points and some suggestions:

  • get the book "The Art & Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance" by Phinney and Volek.
  • don't buy urine ketone sticks
  • get a blood ketone meter and some strips (try importing them, they are very expensive in the U.S.)
  • keep your carbs under 50g/day
  • keep your protein at 0.6 - 1.0 g/lbs lean body mass (about 60g/day for a women is probably a good reference point)
  • distribute your carbs and protein to 3 meals a day. you might spontaneously do intermittent fasting, but I think it's a better idea to eat three meals a day (first to reduce stress for the body and second, because one large meal increases the risk to be kicked out of ketosis compared to 3 meals)
  • do not eat bananas and be careful with fruit!
  • berries are ok, but don't overdo it. I would definitely limit berries to about 3oz a day.
  • be careful with dairy. I would definitely not drink milk, but I noticed that too much yogurt can be a problem as well. heavy cream should be ok and because its very satiating you probably can't eat too much of it anyway and a few ounces of greek yogurt should be ok, too,
  • coconut should be ok, just don't overdo it and make sure there's nothing added to it. if in doubt: test!

If you regularly use the strips, you can test for yourself if and how much of certain foods you can eat. I noticed that too much dairy is a problem. Although I would not exercise during the first 2 weeks, in general exercising is a good idea. Just don't do carbs post workout. Intense exercise should burns some glycogen, which will increase insulin sensitivity, which should make fruits and dairy less of a problem. But the only way to accurately determine if certain foods are ok for you is to eat them and measure your ketones. Your morning fasting levels should be at least 1mM.

I highly recommend the book. It will answer a lot of questions and help you avoid common traps. There is also a nice interview with Phinney and Volek here and if you want to know more, then peter attia and jimmy moore have written several blog posts about ketosis and also have some videos on youtube. (just search for them on google or youtube or use the search term "nutritional ketosis").

Good luck.



on August 23, 2013
at 06:10 PM

No smoothies with berries and bananas, especially not bananas. Maybe berries if you are the sort of person who can count them out and eat ONLY like twelve or whatever the amount will be. This would mean you'd have to look up how many carbs are in the berries and then count it out carefully. I know it can be done because some of the therapeutic level ketogenic diets do that.

You can have heavy cream, possibly even whole milk. This isn't paleo, but it is okay on a low carb diet and one the close cousin to paleo- the primal diet. I'd prefer it if you could get raw dairy from a farmer somewhere because then you could actually get whole fat dairy. Anyway, look up how much lactose is in whatever you want to eat. You can probably get away with cream, butter, and cheeses.

Real coconut milk usually comes in a can and you have to read the labels to make sure they didn't put some variety of gum, legume, or whatever. The stuff by the almond milk, will, like the almond milk, have a lot of crap in it that humans shouldn't eat. It may even have carbs in it. The stuff in the can should just be coconut and water and should be a lot thicker than any milk you have seen.



on August 23, 2013
at 03:27 PM

Heavy cream is low carb.

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