I always get low body temp and constant chills on the Paleo diet

Answered on January 05, 2016
Created January 05, 2016 at 7:29 AM

I've been about 80/20 Paleo for the past year and a half. When I do go strict Paleo, it's low-carb because a lot of carbs and high glycemic foods make me break out in acne. So basically I just eat A LOT of fruits, veggies (raw & cooked) and meats. Except even sweet potatoes make me break out. This is a problem beause while I am able to stop my acne by not eating a lot of carbs and high gi foods like potatoes, I get constant low body temp and chills.. as in even If i have layers of clothes or blankets on, I'm still freezing. My hands are always cold and I also get some light headedness. The cold hands and low body temp are genetic.. but I feel like they definitely get worse on my low-carb strict paleo diet. Any suggestions on what I can do? Thanks

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on January 05, 2016
at 05:15 PM

You're going too low carb and your thyroid is making reverse versions of T3 and T4 which you can't use - this is why you feel cold.  Not sure about why carbs would cause acne.

You might also not yet be adapted to burning fats, so perhaps if you work through it for a week on low carb and add in good sources of fat for a while, see if that reverses.  See if coconut oil helps with this.

Cold hands and feet might be an autoimmune condition called Raynaud's - if you see your fingers turn blue that's what it is.  see: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/331197-overview

Normally for low thyroid you'd want to supplement with iodine and selenium, *but* if you do have any sort of autoimmune disease, and you don't know whether it affects your thyroid that might be a bad idea as incrasing thyroid function will also increase the autoimmune response which will further attack the thyroid.

I'd try increasing fat intake to see if it makes any difference first, then maybe slowly add in some seaweed and see if it helps.  But do get your thyroid checked out for antibodies to make sure you're not causing a bigger issue.

If you have a normal calorie disposal mechanism, when you eat excess carbs or fat, what should happen is thermogenesis - that is you'd feel warmer while your mitochondria make more heat to dispose of the excess, you'll also start to fidget to burn off excess, and finally worse case, you'll store the excess as fat.

Since you're dieting, you've got far less calories coming in, especially from carbs, so your thyroid downregulates your body to save energy.

Generally acne is caused by dairy, not carbs.  It's possible you've got some weird gut flora that's causing the skin flareups - these are typically signs of your liver not working properly, as the liver is supposed to dispose any toxins, and when it can't because it's too busy, toxins are disposed of through skin.  Gram negative bugs generate LPS, which shouldn't show up in skin AFAIK, but not sure what else is going on there.

Hope this helps, though as usual, these are just possibilities, not diagnoses, so pls see a doctor or functional medicine practitioner if these obvious suggestions don't help.

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