How many grams of carbs should one eat if they are not trying to lose weight

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 20, 2012 at 3:06 AM

I'm wondering cause I am trying to get my energy levels up, and most people say eat more carbs. I truly dislike most tubers so I've been eating more fruit, but since I've had problems with hypoglycemia in the past, I don't what to over due it. I'm 5'2 and 105 lbs, so I really don't need to lose weight. I want to stay fat burning too. Also, what are the best carb foods that aren't starchy?

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2 Answers


on December 20, 2012
at 04:06 AM

You can actually train your body to run off ketones, rather than carbs. Carbs burn up really quickly and inefficiently so if you're using them as your primary fuel source you're going to have to eat more of them more often to keep your energy levels up. This isn't just refined carbs either. Personally, I have a really high fat diet and very low carbs, and have ridiculous amounts of energy. For breakfast I usually have meat and eggs, tomato, asparagus, onion and mushrooms (depending on what's in season/available) all fried up in butter. This keeps me going for ages and I usually get hungry for lunch at about 2-3pm. I then have a high fat lunch of meat and vegetables, and maybe a bit of seasonal fruit too. Then sometimes I'm so full from this I don't even need dinner! I play soccer, touch-football, do running, walking and crossfit and always get asked how I have so much energy. I haven't ever tried coffee and don't do any caffeine so don't really on it either. I have been living this way for quite a while now. It did take some time to transition (maybe a month or so) and I definitely missed gorging on so much fruit, but now I'm happy for fruit once or twice a day and maybe more on a special occasion as a treat. People can tell you whatever they like, but I know how it makes me feel. I have never had so much energy! In my books, HIGH fat, MODERATE protein and LOW carb is definitely the way to go. PS. Definitely never underestimate the benefits of solid and consistent sleeping patterns!



on December 20, 2012
at 03:29 AM

How much carbs to eat depends on your activity level, and also just how you feel. You may have to feel it out, see what gives you enough energy and keeps you satiated.

As for non-starchy, non-fruit carbs, you kinda got me beat. Anyone?

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