How many carbs recommended for getting lean?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 09, 2013 at 6:04 PM

I've always felt that there's no point in being strong or having big muscles if they are covered in a layer of fat. Thus, my question is for those of you interested in weight training but also aesthetics.

How many carbs a day do you eat to ensure that you are making good gains but also keeping body fat low? I would like to add some more muscle mass but keep body fat relatively low.

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5 Answers



on January 09, 2013
at 06:39 PM

Obout 4 1/2.....



on January 09, 2013
at 07:08 PM

it just doesn't work like that. there's no magic number of carbs for leanness.


on January 11, 2013
at 02:59 PM

unlimited carbs and max 10% fat & protein (10% of total calories)


on January 09, 2013
at 08:13 PM

  1. Enough carbs to support training.
  2. The carbs that do not make you overeat them.
  3. Slightly less than maintenance calories and possibly calorie cycling wrt training.



on January 09, 2013
at 06:18 PM

  1. Carbs replenishment muscle glycogen (if depleted)
  2. Protein repairs muscle
  3. A calorie surplus builds muscle
  4. A calorie deficit burns body fat and muscle
  5. A calorie deficit burns LESS muscle when combined with resistance training

In other words, eat like crazy to build the muscle when aesthetics don't matter so much, like during the winter months, then eat at a deficit for 2 - 3 months approaching the summer months.

Strength levels diminish big time on a deficit that's why I prefer cutting a bulking.

Clean paleo bulking, never dirty bulking.

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