eating carbs during flu

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 05, 2012 at 2:25 AM

I recently got a stomech flu, and i dont have a appetite to eat anything, will eating carbs such white rice and banannas limit muscle mass loss, since i wont be eating that much and carbs are protein sparing. Any advice is much appreciated.

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2 Answers



on October 08, 2012
at 07:51 PM

I have an appetite for nothing except white rice and popcorn or anything white and made out of starch when I am sick. I just eat it, I figure its my body wanting it so i'll give it what it needs. I don't know about maintaining muscle mass. I took a week off with a cold and did nothing all week and ate little, but even for a week I didn't lose much strength at all. Flu usually doesn't last that long. Just try to relax and keep stress levels low. You won't lose to much strength.



on October 05, 2012
at 01:51 PM

I stripped the carbs out (less than 30g/day) and have been eating high protein and fat while sick. It seems to have treated me well. Ketones are also protein sparing, and there's less risk of fat storage without the insulin spike induced by carbs, at least in my cursory understanding. I tend towards low carb anyway, so I might be a bit biased... Feel better!

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