Cutting All "Sweet Taste" from Diet.... for a little while.

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 03, 2012 at 5:52 AM

So I'm experimenting with a few different things in the upcoming months because I'm interested in seeing if I can make permanent changes once and for all in my dietary habits. I've been curious about Primal and Paleo as a lifestyle paradigm shift, if you will.. and am finally ready to make the jump.

One of these experiments is cutting out an entire category of taste for varying amounts of time... This category is: Sweetness.

It officially started 6 days ago, after a week long stint of beers, turkey, and pies. Essentially, what I've been doing for the past 6 days is eliminating all "sweet tasting things" as well as anything that may contain sugar or carbohydrates regardless of taste. This means all bread, all actual sugar elements (Honey, Stevia, Sucralose... etc). To be honest, I've hit a wall. At this point, everything is beginning to taste very bitter and unsatisfying, and it is finally causing some extreme withdrawal symptoms. Last night, I awoke at midnight with a migraine, and I find myself craving at least a touch of sweet. One benefit, however, is that now I've been craving more meat than carbohydrates, that meat and veggies are tasting much more delicious, and that I've managed to wean myself off diet coke.

Anyhow, my big question is: what is your opinion? What information have you discovered that would prove that this could be successful.. or not? Have you personally gone through this, and how did it go? How long do you think one can go on like this?

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on December 03, 2012
at 06:59 AM

Been doing this for two years after diabetes II diagnosis. No sweet to speak of except cream and cheese. An occasional fruit from my trees, but very rarely. It's an interesting "sacrifice", but my bloodwork shows the results.


on December 03, 2012
at 06:06 AM

I get the same way, if i have chocolate, ill crave it the next couple days but if i fight off the urge I won't crave it after a while. Your case seems more dramatic where mines just a craving. Also when I ate just 90% veggies and fruits for a couple days; my cravings changed. I didn't even crave chik-fil-a It actually seemed really nasty to me.



on December 03, 2012
at 12:49 PM

Once I did this, I finally lost the weight I'd been trying to via caloric deficiency for the past three years. I think it was the fructose that was the problem! Never been happier.



on December 03, 2012
at 08:10 AM

I went six months because I'm also low carb and I was determined not to use any artificial sweeteners. And I hear you on the bitter--it's overwhelming at times! But most food tastes SO good to me now--immensely satisfying.

I decided to allow a little sweetener back in, eventually settling on xylitol. I can't tolerate stevia in any form. I don't need much, a little goes a long way for me. I never add as much sweetener as a recipe for a treat calls for. And I rarely indulge in treats. But it's nice to know I can.



on December 03, 2012
at 06:29 AM

I also crack if I go back to certain favorites, unless I overdo it and makes me feel gross from the sugar high. Not to encourage a binge, but if I have a moderate amount of the trigger food, I will keep wanting it, but if I just all out have it until beyond satiety, I get sick of it for a few months.

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