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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 04, 2012 at 11:10 PM

So I have a question regarding mixing macros at a meal.

Can you mix protein carbs and fats in a meal? Will it hinder fat loss or actually promote fat gain? I am going to start doing am IF approach to eating(it seems logical to do because I cannot seem to find time to eat 3 squares a day). Would it be okay to eat protein+fat+carbs at a meal? I did this today. My post workout meal was around 1345 calories.

It had:

104 grams of fat(organic butter, avocado, coconut oil), 59 grams of carbs(carbs came from carrots,sweet potato,spinach), 54 grams of protein(ground beef 90% lean)

I am not looking to loose any weight as I am 6'1 and weigh 160-165ish pounds. I just recently started the paleo lifestyle yesterday. I enjoy it, I feel much more energized already I just want to make sure that this wont encourage fat gain.


Oh and here is my macro intake for the day if this helps:

159g of fat (coconut oil, avocado, organic butter, olive oil), 112g of carbs(apple, nectarine, spinach, carrots, bell peppers), 144g of protein(ground beef, salmon, whey protein), daily calorie intake ~2,365

Is that a sufficient amount of protein? I am not looking to gain a whole lot of mass so I am just going to stick to around 130-165g of protein a day. I workout about 5 times a week. 3 of them being strength training days(rotate with body weight training and weight training). My goal is just to maintain a lean body while improving my workouts.

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2 Answers



on September 05, 2012
at 01:02 AM

Can you mix protein carbs and fats in a meal -- Absolutely. Heck, the advocado has all three (although 75% of the carbs are fiber).

Typically I see people suggest that you need 1 -1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass so 144g protein would be about right assuming you are 10% BF.


on September 05, 2012
at 12:39 AM

theres nothing wrong wth mixing all three macronutriment in one meal, but i would prob eat a little more protein

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