Carb and Fat cravings...

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 27, 2011 at 6:03 PM

Why am i constantly craving honey, fruits,starches,butter,cream,yoghurt and pork belly along with hommemade mayo?I have bowel incontinence due to my laxative abuse history and now suffering from IBS and Crohn's chronic constipation.I can't look at dry foods at all.Meat and vegetables give me terrible cramps.I hate protein,it makes my colon upset and i feel like a sack as as a result.Is it ok for me to eat a high fat high carb diet with little fibre?

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4 Answers



on October 27, 2011
at 06:22 PM

You are craving food because you are hungry. Trust me, I'm a doctor.

Disclaimer: I'm not actually a doctor.



on October 27, 2011
at 06:19 PM

Yes! Eat whatever you like and/or your body craves. Just avoid the neolithic agents of disease (NADs): sugar, seed oils, and refined wheat.


on October 27, 2011
at 07:18 PM

Blood type + intermittent fasting. Get specific food lists and get on IF. Cycle your foods.



on October 27, 2011
at 06:46 PM

Not enough info? How long have you been primal/paleo? Are you trying to lose/gain or maintain body weight?

DEPENDING on your answers to those questions, you may not have put your neolithic food addictions into remission yet OR you may simply need more food OR you may not have found your personal optimal mix of foods.

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