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Commented on October 27, 2014
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Quick question,

Is it the same (as far as the body is concerned) to carb load the night before a hard, fasted workout in the morning with fruit (I've been tending towards eating a lot of grapes, berries, melon) as opposed to starches like yams?

I know grapes and melons are high in fructose - is that a problem? Any downsides to using fructose heavy fruits in the evening as my preferred carb for backloading? 

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on October 27, 2014
at 01:24 PM

The whole point of carb-backloading is to do it with glucose or starch which is essentially chains of glucose, not fructose. Since glucose will elicit an insulin response, in order to shuttle glucose and amino acids into the cells, it is the required energy source. Fructose will not do this, since fructose will not elicit an insulin response anywhere near as much as glucose since it will be processed exclusively by the liver and not by any other cells. If you do carb-backloading with a lot of fructose, you're just going to get a fatty liver and decreased hepatic insulin sensitivity and none of the benefits, since you're going to load up your liver with fructose (which in excess gets converted to triglycerides, a.k.a. fat, right in the liver). So your muscles will get no benefit whatsoever, while your liver simultaneously turns into foie gras. Eat a potato instead.



on October 27, 2014
at 02:05 PM

Well crap. That sucks. Thanks for the info... glad I asked.

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