What Carbs to Have on the HC Days of Carb Cycling?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created May 28, 2012 at 3:04 AM

I want to try carb cycling, but I'm unsure of what carbs to indulge in on high-carb days. Just paleo-approved ones, yes? Can it be a go-to-town-on-fruit day, or would that be mucking with insulin too much?

I'm also unsure of how high to go, calorie-wise, or should that not be an issue as long as I'm eating healthy carbs?



on June 11, 2012
at 03:41 PM

Wondering the same. I calculated my leangains macros (+20% on day and -20% off) from the other guys site, and was looking at 10 to 12 sweet potatoes (believe the maths were right). Besomes crazy at some point, leaning towards white rice a few days a week.

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on May 28, 2012
at 09:54 AM

If you choose to to less High carb days(??-la Anabolic Diet, one per week) you might want to go to something like 60% Carbs on that day, mainly from glucose: cassavas are perfect for these, sweet potatoes have fructose in them(about 5gr per 100gr of edible potatoe) so be aware of the quantity you throw, and to less of my liking but still an option you have white rice and skinless potatoes.

A few things: fruictose does not raise insulin so much, since it is metabolized by the liver, and this is the mainly reason why you want glucose instead of fructose, because the latter ends up refilling intramuscular glycogen stores(assuming they are depleted to some extent).

It doesnt mean you can get some fruit, because you can. Banana is ideal since the glucose frutose ratio is more favourable to fructose-malabsorption folks. But bear in mind to limit the fructose eaten in one sitting to 20-25gr, no more than that.

Personally, i prefer to cycle carbs in a more spreadout fashion, not having a day of all-or-nothing(in spite of recognizing some benefits leptin-wise and muscle growth-wise), and get maybe some carbs after each workout. So if i go train 3 times per weel, i have some carbs after the training, and thats it. For the rest of the time, higher-fat, same protein.

Hope it helps




on May 28, 2012
at 06:21 AM

I pretty much stick to veggies and sweet potatoes on workout days, after workout. Higher protein, moderate fat, moderate carb on those days...on non workout days, low carb or very low carb, high protein and fat mainly on those days.

The leaner you are, the more carbs you want to take in on your workout days. It all depends on your goals.

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