Answered on June 01, 2015
Created May 28, 2015 at 6:08 PM

Occasionally I will have a banana or some gluten free toast for breakfast. 

A banana is loaded with 12g of sugar per 100g and in comparison GF bread is a lot lower in sugar. I know the banana is nutritionally superior but in my mind sugar is the major enemy to us all. Thoughts?

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2 Answers


on June 01, 2015
at 08:41 PM

Hi I am pretty new to all this, so not sure if what I say is meaningful or useful! To me, eating paleo (ish) is more about being able to get the maximum amount of nutrients out of the calories I am eating, plus about eating things as close to their natural state as possible, so in this sense the banana is superior. This is a personal preferece though, I am trying to grow my hair so nutrients are a prioroty to me. And apparently bread being made from grains contains stuff that blocks nutrients which is why I've cut it out - also i find it really moreish, impossible just to have one slice..


However you were asking about sugar . I think eating a banana on its own is meant to spike insulin levels  so unless you are about to put that energy to use working out or something, perhaps best to eat it with a handful of nuts  or something - they taste great together and the extra protein and fat will keep you fuller for longer?


Having said that, I was on the go  this morning and grabbed a banana for breakfast, and had a very productive, energy filled  morning! So who knows...


on May 29, 2015
at 03:28 PM

Well, in reality what you have to look at is the net carbs because most of the carbs will be broken down into glucose anyway. The exception is the amount of fructose in the banana, obviously that's not going to change to glucose. In your case, I would pick whichever has the least net carbs....but if the carb counts were the same or similar, then I would just go with whatever has the least fructose.

Glucose is distributed more evenly throughout the body, so the negative impact is less concentrated, whereas fructose concentrates in your liver (most important metabolic organ in the body) and causes problems there (NAFLD).

Or you could just eat bacon and eggs if you want to avoid the sugars. Much easier that way.

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