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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 26, 2012 at 4:54 AM

Hi all!

Would a Candida overgrowth show on a biopsy taken during an endoscopy or is the SIBO test the only way to know? I ask because I have a lot of good reasons to believe that I have a candida overgrowth & when I go see my GI this week I want to make sure I'm well informed. I had an edoscopy done 2 years ago which said I have chronic gastritis and gastric/biliar reflux (still not sure what the latter means)...but he didn't mention anything about candida.

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on December 01, 2012
at 05:10 PM

I recently had an endoscopy and they found candida overgrowth in my esophagus, but there was no sign of it on my tongue or in my mouth. Yes a biopsy can detect it and my Doctor saw it visually during the endoscopy as well. I agree with Recovering that the issue is determining what is causing the overgrowth. My doctor thinks it may be a hormonal imbalance, but not confirmed yet.....



on November 26, 2012
at 06:26 AM

An easy way to check is to see if you have a white film over your tongue.

Remember this when you're treating it: It's NOT the yeast overgrowth that's the problem, it's what's causing it. Good luck on figuring out why I've been stuck on my problem for months.

General things to know:

-Sugars feed yeast, but yeast do not multiply just because of sugar. There are multiple reasons why your body may be unable to fight off the yeast OR there is some bodily malfunction causing them to multiply. -FODMAPS may be feeding your yeast if your small intestine cannot break them down. Try getting tested

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