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Hi, my wife got her CDSA 2.0 results. She has had constipation for a long time, often only pooping 2x per week, sometimes less. and past stomach aches, been on ppi's (but not for a long time), and has taken many rounds of antibiotics.

Her Eosinophil Protein X was very high and in the red, 15.6, which I think indicates an infection. All other markers were in the white or yellow, most in the white except DCA and Beta-glucuronidase.


the Good 3+ Lactobacillus 3+ Bifidobacterium No parasites

the Bad 2+ Klebsiella oxytoca 2+ Citrobacter species 3+ Staphylococcus aureus 3+ gamma & alpha haemolytic streptococcus (But, all of the above say Non-Pathogenic) -Previous breath test indicated an active H Pylori infection -No growth of beneficial E Coli

She has 1+ for candida albicans, but also non-pathogenic (should she treat this?). Her 3+ lactobacillus makes me think the candida has not gone fungal because otherwise it would have killed this off. She gets bladder infections sometimes, but very rarely yeast infections.

For treatment (per the cdsa sensitivity), plant tannins for the bacteria, coconut oil for the h pylori and candida, garlic for candida, and possibly Nystatin. Also, I believe she has low stomach acid, and was thinking of cayenne pepper at every meal, since she can't take betaine hcl, as it really hurts her stomach. Also thinking GAPS diet sans fruit for a month, then, low sugar fruit 1 - 2x per day at most, and staying on GAPS/Paleo. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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should point out, she is already eating fermented foods, and will increase that

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