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Answered on October 31, 2014
Created October 30, 2014 at 9:02 PM

Hello, my father has been diagnosed with advanced (advancing?) prostate cancer. He has just been through the MRI scans to see if it has spread. He has been eating a 70/30ish paleo diet for the past 2.5 years and is the type who doesn't get into the details and can be lackidaisical about it at times, but still eats significantly better than the majority of 59 y/o's and has lost any excess weight.

I'm taking on the role of health coach for him while he's going through the standard medical treatment. I'm of course never going to talk him out of what the MD's recommend but I'm convinced, researching the metabolic theory of cancer that it does not have to be this huge nightmare that it is normally seen as.

His older brother has survived terminal lymphocytic leukemia partly because his forward thinking oncologist suggested taking neem supplements, which stopped the progression of the cancer so that oral chemo could eliminate it, and he's now in full remission.

I've researched many herbal supplements and curcumin seems to the the main one that holds promise and with real science behind it. Neem is just beginning to be studied on humans in India and their version of the FDA is about to approve its use to be synthesized.

Other than the many stress reduction and bodywork methods I'm about to teach him and some other supplements such as D3, fish oil, whole foods kale smoothies, cyclic ketosis/fasting... what else is out there other than quackery that can treat this type of cancer? 



on October 31, 2014
at 08:54 AM

I totally appreciate your situation. 

I guess it depends on what you mean by "quackery". Like terrorists, one man's quack is another man's lifesaver. (not the candy) 

In your place, and I'm sure it is taboo to mention in many circles, I would seriously investigate the use of cannabinoids, specifically what has come to be known as Rick Simpson Oil. 

Interesting 48 minute video about cannabinoids.


And of course the classic cancer documentray "Run From the Cure". 






on October 30, 2014
at 09:46 PM

 I have the impression that ketosis/fasting is at a fairly experimental point. Are there actually studies that suggest it would benefit the prostate?



on October 30, 2014
at 09:44 PM

Google: prostate cancer gamma tocopherol. Studies suggest that gamma tocopherol is good for prevention, but I don't know if it's good for treating it. Same thing for vitamin K2. Ray Peat has an article on prostate problems, an alternative view.

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on October 31, 2014
at 03:13 PM

My father also got it at around that same age. Luckily, if caught early and treated, it is one of the most curable cancers out there. I would definitely focus on getting the proper conventional treatment (which I presume would depend on the Gleason score and stage of the tumor). My dad had the operation to remove the prostate because he wanted to be as proactive as possible and not raise his risk of progression. I would say the decision is a personal one, but I would rather err on the side of caution. Diet is important, so fasting and a low-carbohydrate, moderate/lowish protein diet might be beneficial. I don't think fish oil capsules help much, they might actually be worse than a placebo for prostate cancer.

You might want to read this (from the National Institutes of Health - a legitimate government source) Fish Oil Linked to Prostate Cancer Risk.


on October 31, 2014
at 02:13 PM

I'll look those up. Is this cannabinoid non marijuana related? I do feel that there is pressure by the medical establishment to discount anything herbal, holistic, or lifestyle related to be painted as a side thing to NEVER replace the mainstream treatments. As everyone seems to remind you when you seek out alternative treatments. 

Ketosis and fasting appear to hold promise. The Jaminet's recommend cycling ketosis and fasting over long term ketosis like the proponents on low carb for cancer usually taught. 

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