regaining lung health?

Answered on March 17, 2014
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so I decided to stop smoking after all, it's the third try, but I'll go for it anyways!

I've been smoking since I was 13, now I'm 21 - makes 8 eight years. I'm really really afraid to get cancer, on my father's side there have been some cancer cases and my mom did have cancer (I think it was the thyroid) - I have all the same issues as she so I'm pretty sure I will get that too. She has never ever smoked or drinked in her whole life and still got ill. So the chances for me aren't that bright I guess. Is there anything specific I can do or eat to lower my risk of getting it and regaining my lung health for those 8 years of smoking? I'm usually pretty low carb (except for today and the next 2, 3 days - I decided it was okay to eat some fries and fruit as a reward for not smoking - won't make it a habit though) and eat lots of healthy fats, berries etc. Ideas?

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on March 17, 2014
at 02:44 PM

I make sure to get to a forest at least once a day, usually on my lunchbreak, and i go for many hours on the weekend and do deep breathing to get all that fresh air, i also do HIIT sprints which leave me absolutely gasping for breath. I would only ever do them in a forest, i don't get people that jog alongside cars! Also eat plenty of saturated fat as the lungs have lots of saturated fat in them, not sure it works exactly like that, but I've heard this several times.



on March 17, 2014
at 02:53 AM

Eating a healthy, clean, low toxin diet will be your best bet. Go for organic veggies (lots of them), pastured meat and wild caught fish. Probiotics for good gut health, plenty of sunshine, exercise, and sleep. Keep toxins out of your environment, limit your exposure by choosing glass, ceramic, or stainless for food storage (instead of plastics), low toxin cleaners and personal products.

Many cancers feed on sugar, so keep sugar in your diet low and don't overdo fruit. And occasional fasting may help prevent cancer.

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