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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 02, 2013 at 2:57 PM

Hi all, question about low WBC. My Mom had breast cancer about three years ago (Triple Negative, had chemo and radiation) and is doing well now. She's cut sugar out of her diet, and focuses on whole foods with lots of (organic) veggies. Not quite paleo, but definitely worlds better than SAD. She works out regularly and does yoga/meditation to help with stress.

All signs point to her being the healthiest she's ever been... except her WBC has been low: 3.1 in Sep 2012, 4.0 in December 2012, and 3.3 just last month. After doing a little bit of googling, it seems to be common to have lower WBC after chemo. However, it's still a little unsettling; Doc said if her levels remained low/lower she'd need to have her bone marrow tested.

Anyone have any info on what this could mean? Any recommendations on foods to eat or ways to increase her WBC?

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on April 02, 2013
at 05:55 PM

Nope, she rarely catches a cold, and she's a middle school secretary!

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on April 02, 2013
at 05:24 PM

Has she been getting sick in the intervening period?

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on April 02, 2013
at 05:17 PM

My partner also had breast cancer.. last year, was treated with 16 rounds of chemo and radiation and is now recovered. Her WBC are generally low as are her red. I think, as you say, this is a common side effect of chemo and such.

However, I wonder if it is possible she is suffering a low grade infection? Being that she had a depressed immune system during treatment maybe she picked something up and it is generally asymptomatic? I wonder this because those numbers you post are low, but not alarmingly so. My WBC often come in around 4.5 and I am healthy. So, maybe those numbers are just normal for her all things considered?

I think outside of being as well nourished as possible there is not much that can be done. Load up on the super nutrient dense foods like organ meats and maybe have her add some things to her diet like turmeric, green tea, lycopene, etc (which would be specifically for anti-cancer, not for WBC).

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