Do you think Steve Jobs' high fruit diet contributed to his pancreatic cancer and if so, how are other long-term fruitarians immune to this?

Asked on April 15, 2014
Created April 15, 2014 at 12:01 AM

Hey I am curious what you all think of the possibility of Steve Jobs' high-fruit diet contributing to his pancreatic cancer?

What's interesting is people like Anne Osborne, Don Bennett, and possibly Michael Arnstein (though not as long) have been eating an exclusively fruitarian diet and don't seem to have any pancreatic cancers yet.

Do you think it was the fact that he supposedly ate more fruit juice vs the whole fruit?

Though this isn't important to the discussion: I am not a fruitarian and of course do not feel it is a healthy way to eat. I think people can thrive if they choose to, but optimally it's not best. I am only asking because I eat a lot of animal products and recently started incorporating a lot more fruits and sugars into my diet (after abstaining from them obsessively) because I had a type of "fear" of sugar and wanted to conquer this fear and just relax a bit on my eating habits.

I sometimes will feel a light pressure in my lower left abdomen area (I had only felt this in the past in a very painful episode after consuming about 1.5 cups of safflower oil over the course of a day which I had mixed into tuna salad sandwiches. When I sat down I had a throbbing, extreme pain in this same area, was it the fat?!?!) and start to obsess and worry that I will be giving myself cancer by eating too many fruits. But then I will think of all of these long-term fruitarians and realize although it's not MY style of eating, they do seem to be healthy. I just don't want to hurt my body but at the same time I don't want to obsess and exclude fruits and sugars if I don't have to.

Any thoughts?

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