Do you think being a carnivore prevents cancer?

Commented on November 03, 2012
Created October 10, 2012 at 8:55 PM

I want to share a google ramble. In the end I promise we'll return to the beginning!

Three years ago I enjoyed the bliss of knowing there had been no cases of cancer in my blood line. This month I now know of three. I hit paleohacks and my trusted fact-based paleo-style blogs for insight.

Result: cancer gets you whenever, and no amount of caution about inflammation is sure to prevent it.

But I'm never satisfied, so I googled on and found the following post from 2006 on a low-carb website. It's from a guy who went full carnivore for 47 years and reckoned "paleodiets" are nonsense. His advice: no carbs, no veg - they're not just junkfood but poison. The post is very well written, and he gave a link to his obscure website: http://forum.lowcarber.org/showthread.php?t=287013

If you can judge someone from their writing, then this guy was precise and aware. But I wanted to know more, and the best clue I could find was "soundman for the grateful dead". Google ... click whirrrrr ... and it must be the LSD millionaire of the 1960s, Owsley Stanley - the biog even has a section on his ideas about diet: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Owsley_Stanley#Diet_and_health

Stanley developed cancer in 2004, which predates his 2006 post. Cause of death? Car crash in Aus in 2011. Who knew?

End of ramble. Thanks for following.



on November 03, 2012
at 11:40 PM

Wot! I am Carnivore. Numnumnum.



on October 10, 2012
at 10:01 PM

Does not being a carnivore stop you from being a dick? Apparently not.



on October 10, 2012
at 09:43 PM

What a bunch of bores.



on October 10, 2012
at 09:26 PM

There's no evidence in support of this question. Wild carnivorous animals often die of cancer, so I think from that we can extrapolate an answer: no, being a carnivore does not prevent cancer.



on October 10, 2012
at 09:13 PM

Welcome to Paleohacks! Your "question" is on its way to be closed as not being a real question. No, being a carnivore won't prevent cancer. No diet will. There are plenty of non-diet factors that affect health.


on October 10, 2012
at 09:06 PM

Made into a question so this won't get closed.

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