Are there any paleo resources for Boy Scouts?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 19, 2011 at 6:44 PM

My son has started going on camping trips with boy scouts and we're finding there is a real need for nutrition education in scouting. Most of the boys, of course, will have been raised on a SAD, low fat diet and that's all they know.

I realize there is only so much they can do - they have limits with space and funding, and we're not thinking of revamping the entire program. We'd be happy to see people becoming aware there is another way. Maybe make simple replacements, or transitioning away from margarine and poptarts.

We're more Weston Price than paleo, but I think paleo and boy scouting is a natural fit. One of the things our family is trying to do is get involved in meal planning, including modeling healthier meals when possible.

Does anyone know of resources that would help us in this? Is anyone in the Paleo community working with scouts at all?



on November 19, 2011
at 08:03 PM

Ah, I see they already have "Cooking" and "Public Health" badges.



on November 19, 2011
at 07:58 PM

Is there a food/health badge? I remember there is something like that in Girl Scouts. If not, that would be a way to incorporate the learning.

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2 Answers



on November 20, 2011
at 01:59 AM

IIRC there are some outdoor cooking requirements for some of the outdoor activity badges (camping, hiking, or some such). I would think it would be pretty easy to teach them how to make paleo snacks (like trail mix) and meals (like dutch oven stew or bacon & eggs) within that context.

Personally, I would be careful about completely attacking other dietary choices. If you are running the group, you could certainly cook only paleo foods for campouts or cooking classes. But, I would be careful to present paleo as one option, not as the only optimal diet--or you could have some blow back from angry parents. People can be very sensitive/defensive about their dietary choices.



on November 19, 2011
at 11:01 PM

I think teaching them to enjoy cooking at home is a great start.

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