Nutrition facts of camel meat?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 09, 2011 at 2:23 PM

I was wondering if anyone has any information about the nutrition facts of the camel meat and if it could be considered a good replacement for beef? I ask this because I can purchase it from trusted sources where I can see where the camels live and what they eat, contrary to the much commercialized beef. Thanks.



on June 09, 2011
at 02:55 PM

I don't know the nutrition info, but I think any time you know & trust where your meat is coming from, it's a good bet.



on June 09, 2011
at 02:25 PM

I always wanted to try Camel after I saw Anthony Bourdain eat it. That hump fat looks delicious!

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on September 01, 2013
at 03:38 PM

it is very similar to lamb meat but (smell better). some people dont like lamb because of the smell of the meat, and they would boil it for 10 min first throw the water then start coocking it. Camel meat has close taste of lamb but without that smell known for lamb.

I love it, it should be noted that by camel meat i mean 2 years or 3 years old ,not old camel. it is very tough meat when camel is old, i have never tried mature camel meat cause many say it s tough meat. to see how delicious it is , see its prices, 20% more than lamb or more. plus the best part is the back only. no legs etc.. it is very nutritious and less fat and have lighter taste than lamb. Milk is the best i have ever tried, i tried goat milk, sheep, cow, etc.. the best is camel, and has 10 times more iron than cow meat. read about camel milk, it is light with little fat.. very little, and high in protein, many German people and in the US, who have children especially babies with weigh problem use that milk, check that in the internet, real life testmonys from mothers who got great and last resort cure for these babies by giving them camel milk. it is light and noticibally sweet when compared to cow or goat. check the benefit of camel milk you will be surprise. but hard to find if you are living in certain countries.



on September 01, 2013
at 08:50 PM

When you look at the spectrum of nutrient profiles in ruminants, it is much the same for all of them. The main difference is diet. Northern grasses are richer in Omega 3, as you go south and in more arid climates you may find grasses and meats richer in MUFA. As zikra says, one may expect less fat, these animals work, and the hump is their main reserve. Speaking of it, I have only tried the hump of indian cows in Brazil, and it is one of the finest meats there is. Interested in this topic as I have to travel to the Middle East sometime, and I always thought I would get myself a goat if I had to spend any extended time. Camel is obviously a possibility.


on November 13, 2011
at 11:30 AM

hi... It is nutritionally as good as that of the major sources of red or white meat. Camel is a desert animal but is not less than other red meat animals (beef, lamb and goat) in its composition. The proximate composition, fatty acid profile and mineral contents of the local camel (Camelus dromedarius) meat have been investigated. It contained 72.03 ± 0.014% water, 4.45 ± 0.011% ash, 5.79 ± 0.012% fat and 66.42 ± 0.534% protein. It has been found that camel meat has relatively more moisture, less fat, less ash and similar protein content than that of beef, lamb and goat [1]. It has similar mineral composition (Na, K, Ca, Fe, Zn, P, Mg, Cd, Cr, Co, Mo, Ni, and Pb) to beef except for sodium. Fatty acid profile for camel meat oil showed high content of palmitic acid and oleic acid. These two fatty acids are essential in human nutrition. p.s:camel meat is perfect for barbecue:)


on October 18, 2011
at 06:29 PM

What a strange question! do you like camel meat or stuff? xlpharmacy



on June 09, 2011
at 05:18 PM

Leave it to PaleoHacks to produce a question like this. I had a nice little chuckle when I saw this (in a good way).

Camel meat... Upvoted for value and originality.

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