Should I follow my head, stomach, or calorie counter?

Commented on March 05, 2014
Created March 04, 2014 at 11:39 PM

On one hand, my stomach feels full pretty often. Like on the verge of feeling bloated. Full, but not overly uncomfortable. The only time I have an empty stomach is when I wake up in the morning.

On the other hand, my mind is telling me to eat more. I've never had problems with over-eating, never really crave anything specific. I just feel the need to eat more (paleo-approved) foods. Also, my calorie counter says I'm getting around 1300 calories a day (and this is me trying to eat more - I'm trying to gain some weight).

So should I try to eat more or just eat when my stomach is hungry?

If it makes a difference I only work out a few days a week, not too intense. My macros are usually pretty even. fat 45, protein 25, carbs 30. I usually eat beef, sardines, pork, chicken, turkey (lean meats with added ghee or olive oil), fruit, coconut milk, bone broth, pickles, sweet potatoes, a spoon of coconut oil occasionally



on March 05, 2014
at 04:51 AM

do you 'do' dairy, if so, adding/increasing your intake of dairy products should help you gain some weight without feeling full, esp if you chug down some full fat cream, yum

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on March 05, 2014
at 01:49 AM

1300 calories is undereating, by a lot. If you are in fact eating that little (most people can't measure/estimate to save their life)…

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on March 05, 2014
at 01:41 AM

If your hungry, you could be either bored or truly hungry. If your truly hungry, then listen to your stomach, and start eating the right foods until you feel full. It will keep your metabolism up, and you wont eat for hours. If your bored, then try something that will keep you entertained for hours


on March 05, 2014
at 01:21 AM

I would definitely listen to my stomach more than I would the other two options. With that said, I would probably up my protein and downgrade my carbs if I were intent on gaining weight.



on March 04, 2014
at 11:53 PM

Trying to answer a question like that without details is impossible. You're better off just deciding yourself or rolling a dice - an answer from the internet made with 0 information would be just as reliable.

If you need to get more calories, try caloricly dense foods with little volume.

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