Lack of Progress: Exercises Like Pullups- Need Advice

Asked on September 14, 2013
Created September 14, 2013 at 7:25 PM

Hey everyone

First off- 5'7" tall, 17 year old male, 114 lbs, currently doing Rings 1, a gymnastics ring training program (which is entirely upper-body) 3x a week, and plyometrics for lower body work 2x a week. (with yoga 1x a week, then one day of rest)

In my ring workouts, I've noticed that I'm not progressing, and I fear I'm getting weaker. I base this on the fact that I haven't been able to meet my previous workout's numbers in repetitions on exercises, despite having the same rest periods.

Currently my hypothesis about this is in 2 parts-

-First, the way I'm training-

I'm used to the idea that you should always go for the maximum amount of repetitions you can perform on exercises such as pull-ups, and that you should go to failure. In the past, when doing different workout regimes, I've done the max number of pullups of a certain variety, then perform as many assisted as I could following that. So for example, I'd do my max number of pullups, then my max number with a band assist, then 4-5 negatives, where I jump to the chin-above-bar position, and lower myself down, focusing on the muscles in my back for a 5 count.

I've been doing this with the ring pullups in the program I've been doing now, as well as for the inverted tuck rows, dips, and other exercises. The push/pull set-up looks like this-


Front Lever Progression- 60s or 5-6 sets total

Back Lever Progression - 60s or 5-6 sets total

Tuck Planche- 60s total

Handstands- 2 mins total

Dips with RTO(rings turned out) at top 3x 6-12 reps,

Tuck-to-tuck shoulder stands- 3x 6-12 reps

Ring pushups with RTO at top 3x 6-12 reps

Ring pike presses- 3x 6-12 reps

Jump-to-dip(sort of an assisted muscle up) 3x6-12 reps

Ring L-sits- 5x12 seconds

hanging leg raises- 3x failure


The same FL, BL, Handstand and Tuck planche skill work as listed above


Inverted tuck-rows- 4x6-8 reps

Inverted tuck-roll chin-ups 4x6-8 reps

ring chin-ups- 4x6-8 reps

L-sits- 60 seconds or 5 sets total

Ab-wheel rollouts- 3 x to failure

For the pullups, I've been doing what I described, for each set (so unassisted, then assisted with a band, then negatives). Is this too much volume to recover from, and is this why I'm not progressing?

The only other thing I can think of is that I am not eating enough- currently I'm not up to where I should be in terms of total calories, though I intend to change that (my daily average has been 2200 for the past week, after I checked yesterday by logging a day of food into Myfitnesspal)

I've been focusing on following the nutritional advice of several users who've all told me to eat more starch, fruit, and cals overall, so I have yet to see how that will work, given my goals for right now are to get stronger, and progress in the ring strength program, any muscle I gain along the way is an added bonus.

Any thoughts?

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