How many calories should I be eating as a young woman on paleo diet?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 29, 2012 at 5:15 PM

I'm in my early twenties and weigh around 135-140lbs at 5'5. I've recently switched to the paleo diet to help lose weight as well as help with my fertility issues. I was wondering how many calories I should be consuming on average per day (I usually do about an hour of light exercise most days).Also I do not eat dairy and try to avoid really fatty meats.



on July 29, 2012
at 08:40 PM

There is nothing wrong with avoiding fatty meats if that's your preference. Ignore the comments here that claim one should eat fatty meats. Eat whatever meat you please, you'll be fine. The fat attached to most meat is more than sufficient. If you want more eat more but there is no advantage or importance.

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on July 29, 2012
at 06:06 PM

Avoiding fatty meats = Faileo Diet.



on July 29, 2012
at 05:50 PM

Check out Chris Kresser's Healthy Baby Code and Nina Planck for fertility resources. Personally, I would put fertility above weight loss for now. Focus on food quality, and do some research to find out what foods will help with your issues specifically.



on July 29, 2012
at 05:42 PM

Why do you avoid fatty meats?

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on July 29, 2012
at 05:34 PM

Try not to restrict calories too much as that probably won't help fertility and overall health in general. Just eat till you feel satisfied but if your looking for a guide I find that this helped me: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://www.westonaprice.org/basics/food-journals-of-wapf-board Mary Enig just puts me to shame. I don't think eating 4000 cal/day would help you lose weight but just the idea to make sure you do eat enough I think is important. Good luck!



on July 29, 2012
at 08:43 PM

There are many calorie counters and estimators if you just google. Someone your size and age is prolly under 2000 but I'm not sure. One way is just to establish a base line. Pick a number, say 1800, and eat that everyday for a few weeks and see what happens. You lose weight, you're eating to little; gain, you're eating too much.



on July 29, 2012
at 08:37 PM

Calories don't count. Or didn't you get the memo?

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