High Calorie College Student?

Answered on January 24, 2014
Created January 24, 2014 at 11:39 AM

So, I'm a D3 Athlete, run at-least 2 miles a day, I am just not getting enough calories though. I don't do dairy or nuts, except coconut.

I would like high calorie foods or easy meals I could cook up in one batch and just store all week in my freezer or fridge.

Smoothies, soups, bacon and eggs?

College food is gross and I kind of suffer just eating salad and salmon everyday which gets pricey and are the only healthy options on this campus... I soak and sprout beans and rice...but those are bland

I'm getting sick of just eating curry all the time! I just wanna bulk cook on the weekends...college budget! Thanks so much!

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on January 24, 2014
at 02:23 PM

Canned fish are great, specially smoked herring (I get the Kipper Snacks from Polar), tuna, sardines, canned salmon, heck even mackerel if you're into it. What you can do with the canned salmon is blend it together with one egg (or two) add some seasonings and spices according to whatever you are in the mood for, and use the batter as if it was pancake batter to make yourself some delicious fish cakes. Literally takes no more than 3 minutes and is super cheap (eggs and canned fish are dirt cheap).

Or boil a dozen or dozen eggs from a carton (preferably a plastic carton), rinse the carton nice and clean (do not make the mistake of throwing it away) and once the eggs are boiled place them back into the cleaned carton with their shells on and pop them in the refrigerator. Once you get hungry just shell as many as you want and eat them.

You can also make an omelette in the microwave, just place the eggs on a microwave safe dish, add spices, stir them up, cook in microwave for no more than a minute, take out and push cooked outside towards the center, place back in microwave and repeat procedure until eggs are done, super easy omelette in a plate, no cooking involved. Top with olive oil or whatever you like.



on January 24, 2014
at 11:58 AM

Starch carbs are your friends. Get a big bag of sweet potatoes and either bake them at 350 for 2 hours if you have an oven or nuke them in the microwave. You can easily bring these along as a snack with you too, very portable, just add on some ghee or butter and you're good. Things like butternut squash, yams, taro, beets etc are also great to have on hand.

Being an endurance athlete you might also consider including some white rice--my spouse loves white rice that's been so asked in ff coconut milk as a treat after a hard workout.

You can also add some full fat coconut milk into a smoothie with a large avocado and some spinach for a tasty shake. I also like cooking a bunch of hard boiled eggs at once and bringing them along with tins of mackerel or sardine packed in oil as another go to snack.

Macadamia nuts or macadamia nut butter is another good option -- you can add the butter to smoothies as well.

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