Can't seem to eat enough calories

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 26, 2013 at 5:36 AM

I've been eating Paleo for two days. I track every thing I eat on the my ffitness planner app. According to the app I'm only taking in about half my daily calories. I'm doing no exercise right nroe order than working. I'm a server so I walk about four hours a day. I start crossfit next week and if only working is eating up all my calories exactly how much should I be eating. Before paLeo I probably ate twice a day..2 really bad meals. Now I'm ea ting all the time, am ALWAYS hungrybut still apparently not eating enough. Being a caveman is hard grr.

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2 Answers



on May 26, 2013
at 11:43 AM

Eat More Food. Bam Problem Solved.


on May 26, 2013
at 09:11 AM

You should format the title of your questions in a manner that it actually acts like a question, its not really clear what you are after, if seeking for advice on how to upper your calorie intake, wanting to know why you don't get satiated, if you can keep like this when starting exercising or just thinking out loud. I guess its a little bit of everything.

As for the calories needed, it depends a lot, I'd not obsess with it unless you feel bad or gaining weight too fast in the form of body fat (seems neither the case) if your are eating a variety of good food choices. Be careful with online tools to rely on monitoring: keep in mind that dry food might differ a lot from cooked, etc. Make sure the items you're logging with it do really match what you are actually eating.

As for the crossfit thing, I'd add an extra 500 kcal into your dietary needs for every hour that you exercise, it's just a quick guess, it can depend on a lot of factors that suit you the best, depends on the context. I'd use most of my carb sources pre and post workout, then try to get the rest of the day going with protein and fat. If you eat fruit, It would make for a nice snack pre-workout, and if you eat tubers and other glucose based carbs, then will help in recovery after exercise.

For the satiety thing, I'd try to have a huge breakfast with a heavy dose of protein, moderate fat, low to moderate carbs, then work down the amounts as the day goes on, this shall help. No snacking and eating 2 to 3 meals as you did before should do the trick, if you eat more times and less quantity you never signal the brain properly to kick in satiety. Try to get your calories from whole foods, if your are drinking too much (think smoothies, juices or mashed food) these are not so filling. Being distracted and not trying to think in food all day long should take of the rest. Coffee can help a lot with satiety but beware if you are too sensitive to it...

To up calories, just aim for more fat, I'd alternate good vegetable (avocados, olive/coconut oil) with animal (beef/pork/lamb), dairy and eggs if you do well with them and seafood (salmon and other fatty fish).

Keep in mind that two days of paleo is just not enough time to notice significant changes! give it some more time to have more robust feedback of how things are going :)

Also knowing why you did the change to paleo, what are your goals, if you were having issues with a more regular diet, etc.. would help in guessing why do you get this feeling.

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