Which of these butters are grass-fed (to germans and french specially)

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 25, 2012 at 11:27 PM

Hi. I'm looking for an unsalted grass-fed butter. And I don't seem to be able to find it. So I need the assistance of some french and german paleo-eaters!!

One butter I've come across with is the Vrai Organic Unsalted Butter (http://www.vrai.fr/), but I do not know if it's 100% grass-fed. Someone?

I also came across this online seller that has several german butters. And I would like to know if any german friend could tell me which of the listed butters are 100% grass-fed (if any). I'd buy the Kerrygold (it is available), but they just got the salted one there :( They have the butters on these urls: https://www.lebensmittel.de/?CatID=73861&subd=0&p=produktliste&CatLevel=3&MainCatID=14 https://www.lebensmittel.de/?CatID=74081&subd=0&p=produktliste&CatLevel=3&MainCatID=14

I'd very much like if you could solve me this problem, as I'm lately enjoying the morning coffee with butter. I'm currently using the Vrai one, but I'll switch to Ghee if I can't get 100% grass-fed butter (or just buy kerrygold salted).



on April 26, 2012
at 01:41 PM

I use Kerrygold (in the UK) as it's easy to find. Alternatively, if you have one close enough, why not consider going to a farmers market and purchasing some raw butter? The stuff keeps for ages. So you could stockpile. Also, these guys deliver to France: http://ow.ly/ax3za

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on April 26, 2012
at 03:26 AM

According to the Vrai website, their dairy comes from cows fed primarily on meadows. Sounds like it's mostly pastured, but they aren't very clear as to whether it's 100% grass fed or not.

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on April 26, 2012
at 02:07 AM

I am thinking if you can talk to a manager or inventory person you can get Kerry Gold unsalted. The distributor is the same on some level of the ladder. You just need to get a hold of the person that places the orders with the supplier and have them get unsalted for you. It is my experience that if you let a place know what you want , and they see you like high end items, they will try to accommodate. n=1


on May 31, 2013
at 03:22 PM

vrai is the very best butter that i have tasted in ireland , m&s jersey next. kerrygold really isn't that great but i will buy it or it's no name versions if i have little money.


on September 05, 2012
at 08:36 PM

Hi, I have the same problem. Im living in Paris and cant seem to find gress-fed butter or boeuf.where did you get the kerrygold in paris???

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