Is this butter really made from unpasteurized cream?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 29, 2011 at 1:52 PM

I found some Jana Valley butter at a local store and bought it because the ingredients listed just "cream" as the ingredient unlike the rest of the other butters on the shelf that listed "pasteurized cream" as the ingredient. Jana Valley butter is imported from the Czech Republic and I visited the Jana Valley Foods website and it stated that their butter is made from unpasteurized cream. I was wondering if the butter that is exported to the USA is the same butter sold in Europe. I thought the USDA had a law prohibiting the sale of unpasteurized dairy products, and this is why I am asking. If this butter is really made from unpasteurized cream then I plan to go and buy more and stock up.




on September 29, 2011
at 04:59 PM

Raw cheeses are always allowed if they have been aged at least 60 days. Butter is a different issue.



on September 29, 2011
at 02:33 PM

Raw dairy is around in all states. WF sells many kinds of raw dairy cheeses in all 50 states.

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on September 29, 2011
at 02:20 PM

Not sure about USDA but each state has its own laws. California is the only place I know that allows sale of unpasteurized butter.

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on February 09, 2012
at 03:54 AM

I don't think it is raw. It is most likely pasteurized.

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