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Answered on May 14, 2014
Created May 14, 2014 at 6:03 PM

Start by saying I've been lurking on the forums and following stuff as well as the primal/paleo figureheads for years now. Ready to come semi out of the shadows and get all personal about my health as I've hit a wall.

Follow a very strict diet and it treats me well. Started as an around 120 strange looking fellow in his early 20s eating hardcore SAD mixed with constant soda, pop, etc etc switched to whole grains worked out a lot blah blah broke myself typical story. After all that I switched to paleo, put on 20lbs (the good way), have more energy and all those good things.

But now I'm at a plateau. Have a little pouch I'm always carrying around. Have some acne and not great skin in general. Intermittent brain fog. Joints not feeling as amazing as I'd like. Considering I'm in my 20s the whole old age thing doesn't seem likely.

Track my food, exercise, and sleep. "cheat" no more than once a week with one or two apple cider microbrew beers. Only dairy is grass fed butter. No gluten, wheat, processed junk, etc.

Typical day of food:

Breakfast: Probiotic. Wait for 20 mins. coffee, with grass fed butter and MCT oil (going to switch to ghee and see if that improves anything), 5000IU Vitamin D, spirulina tablets.

Lunch: poached pastured eggs, more butter, green veg (always steamed)

Dinner: Grassfed beef (switched with lamb or wild caught salmon), extra virgin olive oil, yam or sweet potato, more veg

Supplement with 60mg of zinc and 425mg of magnesium at night

Had extensive blood testing and the only issue that stand out is "high" cholesterol (which I'm not especially concerned with since I have high HDL, 0.8 tri to HDL ratio). Then there's my chronically high BUN and Eosinophils.

Exercise heavy weights 1-2 times a week, mobility and breathing training, inversion table daily, little electrostim.

My thoughts are.....chronic low grade infection. I've went to a herbalist and got on a protocol of goldenseal and echinacea which didn't seem to have much of an effect.

Food allergies...maybe I'm just dumb and can't eat butter but I don't have an instant reaction to it, going to switch the butter with ghee and see if that changes anything. Egg allergy is another thought. Possibly some leaky gut issues. SIBO? Not sure what else it could be.. Any feedback is appreciated.

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on May 14, 2014
at 06:30 PM

Definitely do try the ghee/butter replacement. I'd recommend following a paleo autoimmune protocol if you're having a lot of problems with it.

There's a lot of good books out there on paleo autoimmune protocols if you're not familiar with it. From looking over your food log you'd need to cut out the butter (and it'd be helpful to cut out ghee also) and eggs. Replace them with something like a bone broth. Be sure to get forms of L-Glutamine, collagen, and glycine. Try some organ meats and fermented foods if you can tolerate them.

Here's a really good article on the protocol:


Good luck, I used to have a lot of the same problems. Feel free to email me at buildingbetterquestions@gmail.com if you need any help.

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