Rougie Rendered Duck Fat

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 06, 2012 at 8:11 PM

Has anyone ever tried this?

I loooove duck, but haven't been able to find any around here at a reasonable price. I was hoping this could be a reasonable choice for fat. Yes, I know it's preferable to render my own, but I'd like thoughts on this anyways.


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2 Answers

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on October 06, 2012
at 08:24 PM

I used to bring canned confit back from France, similar to Rougie brand but usually cheaper. The nice thing about the confit is that you get gobs of duck fat along with the thigh/leg portions (cuisses).

Being a duck addict I also do a lot of rendering. Duck is not cheap but it's cheaper to buy it whole. I separate the breast and thigh leg quarters for separate cooking, then roast the carcass, neck, wings and giblets. I'll get about 10-12 oz of rendered fat from a 5 lb bird. I then pick the bones for meat while snacking on crispy skin. I mix this meat with the chopped giblets and use it for stir fry.



on October 07, 2012
at 05:41 PM

I use it for making duck confit. Here in Germany you cannot get force-fed ducks, so I buy ordinary duck legs (as fatty as I can get them) and prepare my confit with the fat from Rougie. I buy a 3.6kg tin and manage to put up 24 duck legs (cut at the joint) with it.

Of course, once the confit is eaten, the leftover fat is used for cooking.

PS: Just back from Italy where we were served tagliatelle with duck fat and juice. Worth a sin in wheat...

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