Is it ok to eat wheat?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 09, 2012 at 11:24 AM

If it seems to work for me then it's paleo right? I also seem to get a bit of a kick from hydrogenated vegetable oils. Any reason why I should avoid these foods since they don't seem to cause me any trouble?


on January 09, 2012
at 12:52 PM

They aren't saying it about wheat!



on January 09, 2012
at 12:52 PM

Why do you think you can tolerate them? Have you tried cutting wheat out to see if you get better?



on January 09, 2012
at 12:23 PM

But that's the advice that's being repeated endlessly. Surely what seems to work for me now trumps everything else? That's what everyone here seems to be saying.


on January 09, 2012
at 11:59 AM

they might not be causing you trouble right now, at this point in time, but how about in 15-20 years?. Are you willing to gamble? Like Dirty Harry said - are you feeling lucky? To be perfectly honest your question is as silly as if you asked the same thing about smoking cigarettes or drinking heavily daily.



on January 09, 2012
at 11:31 AM

Did you wake up in a 'who crapped in my Cherios' kinda mood today?

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2 Answers



on January 09, 2012
at 12:30 PM

Not really any point to eating "Paleo" then, is there?

I tried a piece of garlic bread at a little Italian restaurant we went to last night. Was unimpressed. Instead I enjoyed a massive caprese salad, and an entree of shrimp scampi atop sauteed veggies. I splurged on a slice of chocolate cake for dessert, which I split with my boyfriend.

Do I think that just because I can "tolerate" chocolate cake, that I should eat it on a regular basis? Um, no.



on January 09, 2012
at 11:52 AM

Something can work for you and not be paleo. Butter is not paleo but many here have no problem with it.

Our paleo ancestors may once in a while eaten wheat that they found along the way. But it doesn't seem likely that they ate it often. In paleo terms, you've probably exhausted your lifetime quota of wheat many times over.

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