Dextrose in Paleo Diet

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 08, 2011 at 3:58 PM

I see that in several of the Paleo websites that offer recipes, dextrose is used in Paleo baking. If Paleo requires sustaining from consumption of grains and grain by-products, then isn't dextrose out?



on June 08, 2011
at 06:56 PM

"Paleo baking" is an oxymoron. See Kurt Harris on Smoking Candy Cigarettes for his take on Paleo Pancakes and other pseudo-neolithic foods. But go for it if you feel you must, but those websites are not really offering paleo recipes. (Maybe Primal?). On the other hand, I eat cottage cheese, which is SO WAY NOT paleo. But I don't care...

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on June 08, 2011
at 04:12 PM

Dextrose is just glucose. If glucose was out, then you wouldn't be able to eat anything.

The reasoning behind avoiding grains is not that grain is a magically bad thing which conveys magical badness on anything touches. Many people are gluten sensitive without realizing it, so you might as well try eliminating it for a while and see if you do better. There are more in depth (and speculative) reasons for all people to avoid grain, but generally speaking grain foods are nutrient poor relative to other options, so you might as well avoid them in favor of better foods.

The "paleo" part is where you observe, "Hey, paleolithic man would have had a hard time eating a lot of grain" and think, "Hey, I wonder if that means modern humans are not well adapted to grains?" Then you go and look at real science to decide if your paleo-speculation actually has any merit. Then you try it on yourself and see if you have some benefit. Note how the last two steps do not involve excluding anything a grain ever touches because it's not "Paleo".

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