Answered on June 14, 2015
Created June 11, 2015 at 9:33 PM

Dried beans have been dated to at least 7500BC. I am not bothered by them as some are. I doubt that many get to 100% Paleo - and I presume it’s impossible since so many foods are not clearly Paleo or not Paleo. SO - does anyone see any real harm in say Pinto beans once a month? I might also add that I eat them with cornbread made from 100% organic, stone ground cornmeal and almond milk. The beans get flavored with andouille sausage, direct from New Orleans. Bless me for I have sinned???

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on June 11, 2015
at 10:47 PM

Corn is a grain, and while not as bad as wheat, rye, or barley, it still is the seed of a grass plant, and has similar issues.  People with celiac disease can sometimes eat corn, but othertimes it causes issues.  You're wise to at least get organic corn so you can avoid GMO corn, which contains Bt toxins that punch holes in our guts.


Beans aren't paleo, not because something is paleo if a caveman ate it, but because they contain certain toxins that are problematic.  As long as they're very well soaked/(sprouted)/cooked as per Weston A. Price Foundation recommendations, they're unlkely to cause (much) harm.


There's no sin/bless involved.  You get to decide what you eat.  Whether it's good for you or not is another question, and you get to both choose and pay the price. :)


Full disclosure: beans were one of my favorite foods, especially when eating at Mexican restaurants.  I still do eat them occasionally, but in small amounts and rarely.  I haven't felt any bad effects from them, but hey, I didn't feel any bad effects from wheat for dozens of years... until I started to.



on June 14, 2015
at 02:00 AM

I have eventually drifted towards 4-days soaked/sprouted beans (basically, the tail is as long as the seed). I limit myself to chickpeas, adzuki and french lentils, plus natto. The combination of magnesium, folate, and fermentable fiber is hard to beat. I have noted that when I eat beans I eat less fruit, which I consider a good thing due to the decreased sugars. In fact, through increased consumption of sprouts, beans, and roots, I have drastically reduced fruit consumption. I assume this combination produces a spectrum of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fermentable fibers that replaces and improves on fruits.



on June 13, 2015
at 03:40 PM

I eat beans with no problems. Problems existed (e.g. gas) for me when my gut was still in a bad shape. After 1-2 years on Paleo, my gut was healed, and beans are no problem eating them anymore. There is a research paper that shows that most lectins go away after soaking and pressure-cooking them. I put beans (except soy and peanuts) on the same boat as fermented dairy: most do it without a problem.

I don't eat corn though. Corn is a grain.



on June 13, 2015
at 09:40 AM

LOVE beans! I like to soak them for about 24 / 36 hours (salted water is good for this) and then rinse well before cooking. I like to eat beans / pulses a couple of times a week, varying the type (i.e. lima beans, red kidney beans, lentils, chick peas, split peas etc) as they all have a varied nutritional profile and some are very high in minerals such as manganese and vitamins like folate. Also, they are delicious! I have at present a bowl of chickpeas (garbanzo) soaking which will be cooked tomoroow...

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