I have reached my target weight but not quite my target waist and want to put on muscles.

Answered on December 14, 2013
Created December 13, 2013 at 10:55 PM

I started paleo in August 2013 @83.7 kilos. In December I am @73.7 !

I measure 1.78, 49 y old and light bones. My target waist is 78cm but I am still at 81-82.

People around me start saying I am looking a little too thin for my age and that for my job in finance, I should look a little more "padded" or round.

Until last month I was training one intensive SHIT per week but after a stomach upset which really affected my liver (white stools for nearly two weeks) I did not feel like starting again.

My question is, how can I focus on putting on muscles (starting the trainings again this week-end) but still be able to reach my waist target. I expect that with 78cm waist I will have the six pack I always dreamt of.

Should I up again the oils (coco & olive oil) which I had to reduce while I felt bad or start on more carbs.

I really like being off carbs because it seems that my natural body oils regresses ( will test cholesterol this Friday to have a confirmation) and my concentration at work, running a hedge fund is perfect now ! Also to have good sleeps to manage with my 16 hours/day schedule I prefer not to eat too much proteins before going to sleep, this has helped my sleep quality a lot.

I would appreciate advice on how to change my diet and training while staying fairly low in proteins in the evenings and not overloading my body with too much oil to avoid staining the liver.


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on December 14, 2013
at 08:30 PM

Sorry but I'm not fully metricated... :(

To reiterate:

I measure 1.78 (5' 10") 49 y old and light bones.

August 2013 @83.7 kg (185lbs) In December I am @73.7 (163 lbs)

My target waist is 78cm (30") but I am still at 81-82.(32").

I think you;re going quite well. I would suggest (if you;re not already) going back to your "pre stomach upset diet & routine).

btw... adding muscle will not make your waist bigger, that's not where the body accumulates muscle. That's the fat storage zone.

My suggestion keep your diet the same for now, return to your workout... one day per week and when oyu're feeling ok, add another work and additional food to "cover it". Eat after your workout(s) and varying intake day to day to match workload.

I'm a huge proponent of making small adjustments.... you didn't get fat or lose the fat "overnight", body recomposition takes time.

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