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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 20, 2011 at 2:17 AM

we have geese and ducks and have been enjoying the duck eggs. But recently I think the geese have been laying also. I just threw out about a half dozen eggs because the yolks were brown or greenish in color. Did I do the right thing or were these ok to eat?



on March 13, 2012
at 04:40 PM

I would be interested if you could post a photo of these.

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4 Answers


on October 20, 2011
at 02:24 AM

If they don't smell bad, they are usually fine to consume...your nose knows.



on October 20, 2011
at 03:34 AM

Brownish and reddish flecks or swirls will sometimes appear in the yolk of fertilized eggs.

Also, yolks pick up color from what the birds eat; the common weed Shepherd's Purse can give greenish yolks, as well as cottonseed. Brown yolks (brown all through, not flecks) can be caused by excess iron. It's possible there's a patch of something in your yard they like, and eating it is what's doing it.

As Rogue said, if they smell good, they're likely good. I would have cooked one up to test how it smelled as it heated up, but since you're getting a bunch that all look the same I'd suspect they just found something interesting to eat.


on March 13, 2012
at 03:22 PM

wow crazy, yeah i would definitely look into this...i have had many a goose, duck, chicken and turkey egg and besides them getting super golden orange and having the flecks of little red/white parts i have never seen a tinge of green or brown



on October 20, 2011
at 02:56 AM

I'm no expert on goose eggs, but as far as I know all egg yolks should be orange (or yellow if they aren't outdoors). I wouldn't have eaten them, either.

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