Q's On Perfecting my Broth-Game :)

Asked on May 23, 2013
Created May 23, 2013 at 3:15 PM

Hello all, I've got some q's on teh finer points of broths that I figured would be easily-answered here!!

Top-layer: When my broths are done and cooled, I have a thick top-layer of fat (as expected). I recall hearing that this is to be removed? That it's oxidized or bad fat? I'm hesitant to throw away my fats, as I'm a bodybuilder who LOVES his fatty-diet and the idea of throwing away fat (especially am'nal fat!) doesn't sit well with me. Is the top layer truly 'bad fat', even if my broths are cooked slow/low and never really boiled? (further, is there even fat in my gelatin, or is it all in that top layer? Would LOVE to know what a rough 'nutritional info' is for my gelatin, cuz while I know it's "got good stuff" and know what those things are, i'm utterly clueless as to quantifying them or putting them relative to each other..

Additives: ACV: I add like 1.5cups to a pot of broth, is that a problem? The way I figure it, it's just helping to get more 'goodies' in the water before I filter out my solids! And since ACV is good anyways, seems win/win to go heavy on it, but I frequently see such tiny amounts recommended (1TBSP??).
Vitamin C: I swore I saw a recommendation to add citric acid to the broth, but cannot find that now - are there any other additives besides water, salt and acv, that will improve quality/nutrition (not talking about spices here!)

Thanks in advance for any help getting these last points understood!

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