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What do you think about breath ketone analyser Ketonix?


Is it useful when trying to get into and stay in nutritional ketosis?








And some science:


Book by Volek a Phinney:

"There are also devices in development that will test the concentration of acetone in breath; which in turn has been shown to correlate well with blood ketones[69]. This breath test is better than urine ketones because the lungs don???t filter the acetone. In all likelihood, one or more breath ketone analyzers will be commercially available soon."



on May 19, 2014
at 10:19 PM

Danov, I missed your comments because you should have commented to my reply, not your own.

I would recommend the sport model for two reasons: This model uses flashing lights to indicate degrees within each color--1 to 10 flashes, and it measures a higher concentration of ketones, useful if you are doing intense workouts.



on May 18, 2014
at 01:31 PM


Which one to choose, which is more suitable to me? To be more precise in the low end (min 0 / 5ppm vs. min only starting from 5ppm) = STANDARD, or high end (max 20 / 40 vs. max only 20ppm) = SPORT?

As for my activity, in summer I (amateur) do most often these different sports: running (5km-20km), mountain bike, or some intense body workouts. Altogether around 4-5 times/week.



on May 18, 2014
at 01:28 PM

1. >In the mornings..

Interesting to learn by yourself. Myself, I sometimes only use urine-testing strips (evening before going to bed or morning before breakfast) and have never experienced nor noticed so big differences in reading. Why? It may be caused by only 3 levels they can measure (excl. zero). However, Ketonix STANDARD EDITION also measure only 3…

2. >It now costs about $90 with shipping

Where? On ketonix page the price of STANDARD for me as EU customer is $135 ($100 + 25% tax + $10 shipping)

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on May 17, 2014
at 10:31 PM

I purchased one and I'm pleased with it.

If you get one, you have to understand what you are getting. It does not have the same degree of precison as blood ketone testing. Unfortunately, I don't have the blood ketone test strips to compare the readings, but I looked on the imgur.com site you have posted above, and it does seem to give you a level as follows:

blue--no ketones

green--trace ketones

yellow--low ketones

red--moderate to high ketones

This seems to correlate well with my personal observations:

In the mornings I'm almost always green.

In the afternoons, I tend to be yellow to green

In the evenings I tend to be green to red.

From what I understand, ketones are lowest in the morning because you use up your supply overnight. They are highest at the end of the day. So my readings confirm that.

When I've clearly overdone the carbs and underdone the fat, it will stay blue.

One thing I have noticed is that alcohol pushes it into the red zone, even if I eat poorly. And even in the morning, it reads higher than can be expected if I've had alcohol the night before (usually one or two glasses of wine). So I don't consider it reliable if you drink alcohol regularly. (AND, if you regularly try to be in benign dietary ketosis, be aware that you might trigger an alcohol reading on a breath alcohol reader even if you haven't touched a drop of alcohol!).

I usually have a glass or two of wine on Friday night, and blow red after drinking the wine. Even this morning, it was yellow, but I ate more carbs than usual at lunch and dinner yesterday--both should have affected my ketosis.

I think it's a useful tool to tell if you're in ketosis and how deeply in ketosis you are. I wasn't even sure I was ever in ketosis despite my generally low carb diet, so I was pleased to learn that. I also learned that ketosis alone does NOT correlate with weight loss for me, as I've been stalled for quite some time despite ketosis which is sometimes "moderate to high".

It now costs about $90 with shipping, but since blood ketone test strips cost $2 to $3 apiece, it quickly "pays for itself". You can use it as many times a day as you like provided that 1) you have a usb outlet handy and 5 or so minutes to let it warm up and 2) it's been at least an hour since you last ate--it's not supposed to be accurate unless an hour has passed.

If your goal is to use dietary ketosis as a dietary strategy, then I think it is worth the investment. They now have a new "sport" model which reads higher levels of ketones. I could trade mine in for the newer one, but the little chart shows that I can easily convert the readings to that scale. And since I'm rarely in the red (sans alcohol) I don't see the need to go the extra step to find out if I'm super high in ketones.

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