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Answered on August 09, 2015
Created June 29, 2015 at 2:38 AM

I'm having trouble getting enough calories every day anyway, and it feels at times like I am near constantly eating and cooking. This really negatively affects my quality of life. I feel tied to my house, because I have a difficult time packing enough food to sustain me for an outing. I need probably at least 3000 calories and probably more for my individual needs. I cannot seem to get enough food.

I'm a nursing mother who has been on the autoimmune paleo diet for about a year, and in many ways I've witnesseimprovements in my health.

I deal with severe autoimmune issues. I've dealt with severe endometriosis in the past. I seem to suffer from non celiac gluten sensitivity as well as eczema and *numerous symptoms related to autoimmunity and leaky gut, etc. I probably suffer from adrenal fatigue, protein deficiency, a number of vitamin deficiencies (probably vitamin a, k2, vitamin c among others), and probably a thyroid problem (I cannot seem to find someone to thoroughly test my thyroid. Every time I go to the doctor it feels like my precious time has been wasted.).

I seem to be sensitive to a whole host of foods including but not limited to gluten, dairy, soy, grains, citrus, nuts, seeds, etc., etc.

I do eat white rice out of necessity, not because I enjoy it. I'm like an athlete as a nursing mom. I find I physically need it and must eat it numerous times throughout the day for a whole host of reasons. I cannot seem to pack enough rice for an outing.

(Cold rice is disgusting by the way, like eating sand, so if you have any suggestions on how to heat up your food on the go, when you're eating in your car, I'll take them.)

Some of the things I eat include white rice, coconut oil, avocado, sweet potato, bananas, apples, pears, spinach, blueberries, pink salt, apple cider vinegar, asparagus, blackberries, grassfed organic ground beef, beef liver, blackstrap molasses, honey, beef gelatin, etc.

I have struggled with keeping weight on for my whole life, and now especially as a nursing mom. Ia m trying to gain some weight. It has only been recently since I've added organic grassfed red meat, a little bit of grassfed beef liver, and some blackstrap molasses and honey that I've seen my weight increase.

I'm finding that it is really great for my health to be able to get out of the house. Ideally, I'd like to get out of the house every other day or maybe more.

Please help me.

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on August 09, 2015
at 02:09 PM

I'm sorry for what you are going through.  I know what it's like to feel / be hungry constantly.  I had the same situation when second child was born.  Similar to you, I have the same vitamin / mineral deficiencies; and more.  

You seem to knowledgeable so please don't be upset with my question.  Just trying to focus on the positive and help you. ...  Have you been evaluated by an Integrative Medicine doc or a Naturopathic doc?  Unlike most allopathic docs, Integrative Medicine and Naturopath docs can identify unknown vitamin / mineral deficiencies as well as suggest nutrition and supplements to match your individual needs.  For me, Thorne MediClear Plus has been successful.  I've also had more success taking IntraMIN (for 2 months) and subsequently IntraMAX.  Meeting my vitamin and mineral needs have helped me feel not as hungry in addition to greatly improving my over all health.  

In addition to learning about my vitamin & mineral needs, I also learned I don't digest food well.  I now take Zypan (made by Standard Process) before eating.  Better digestion has also helped relieved hunger and improved my health.  

Getting 3000 calories from mostly rice, fruits & veggies and a little meat is not a small feat.  Modern medicine has convinced us that counting calories is the answer to good health.  But it is not as important as types of food we are consuming.  Of course, the fruits and veggies and meats you are consuming is very health.  But the rice is an empty food with little nutritional value.  Protein is much better than carbs to relieve hunger and maintain a healthy body.  I disagree with athletes who bulk up on carbs before exercising.  They would do much better eating more protein sourced from grass-fed meats and a variety of fresh fruits and veggies.  

Think about this:  what populations eat rice and/or bread with almost every meal?  Answer: people who live in southern Asian countries - China, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.  The Japanese population consumes more protein, especially from fish, than most Asians and as a result, they are more healthy.   Having visited these countries, I have seen, first hand, their lifestyles.  Their over all health (in China, Vietnam and Thailand) is not good, especially as they age.  They consume too much rice and lack the balance of fresh fruits, veggies and proteins with every meal.  Consequently, their bodies are much smaller than Americans and Europeans. (This is changing in China with the population becoming more educated, moving to the cities and having access to a better variety and higher quality of foods with every meal. )  They are so much smaller than we are, we towered over them and stood out every where we went.  When we road buses, we had to sit in the open seats facing the aisles because forward facing seats are simply too small.  I'm 5'8" and weigh 130 lbs.  They thought I was a giant.  .... I'm sorry I'm getting off topic.  All that was meant as an example of how most rice-based diets do not provide the nutrition needed to support a healthy body.

You may know this:  while rice is gluten-free, it is not a grain-free food.  Grains and autoimmune conditions are Not friends.  You may be solving your very short term problem by eating so much rice, but it does not seem to be solving your longer-term problems and is likely making your autoimmune conditions worse.  It's a viscous cycle.  Try replacing rice with some quinoa (a high protein seed - not a grain as is stated incorrectly on some websites) and other grain-free foods suitable for autoimmune conditions - meaning no grains, legumes or nuts, which seem to be problematic for you as would be for anyone with severe autoimmune conditions.  I'm new so I cannot add a link to another website.  Check out grain free living dot com for a list of food containing grains and grain-free foods.    

Good Luck!


on August 08, 2015
at 03:40 PM

 I struggle with getting enough food out of the house, and I work 60 miles from home. Here's my favorites packing foods:

Beef jerky (homemade or from a grass-fed or paleo website)

Dried fruit. My favorite recipe is Spanish Pan de Higo. It's dried figs with spices, almonds, and honey. I had to adapt that for my allergies: lard for the almonds, and only non-seed spices like cinamon. It works for dried apples and dates, probably for other dried fruits too.

Non-grain flours. I use plantain/banana flour to make pancakes, cookies, muffins. My aunt uses sweet potato flour.

Chinese New Year's cake (nian gao). This is made with glutinous rice flour, usually with eggs and milk. But I made it with olive oil and water and even my non-paleo husband loved it. I bet it would be even better with coconut (I'm allergic to coconut).


on July 26, 2015
at 04:41 PM

Maybe you dont have an autoimmune disease or a thyroid problem and you find most foods upset your stomach ...when really you just have an anxiety problem which causes all sorts of symptoms such as IBS symptoms ,,,,,i know this view sounds crazy but it would be worth your time talking to a  psychologist about it ( not a doctor) .....im saying all this because i was in a similiar place to you



on July 01, 2015
at 11:20 PM

I apologize if you already do this, but I would strongly suggest spending maybe 1- 2 days a week (Sunday and Wednesday for instance) preparing and cooking meals for the entire week. It will make a huge difference if all you need to do is just take something out of the fridge. Can you eat snacks like dried fruit, dates, or kale chips? It will be a good idea to buy those for when you are on the go.

How much leafy greens are you eating? It might be easier for you to absorb nutrients if you eat them cooked. Make sure with ground beef you buy 85% fat, and try other types of meat if you can (It seems like you're lacking in protein) - lamb, goat, bison, seafood etc. Eating protein with veggies will surely fill you up. Exercise will also help curb your hunger. If you have the opportunity to go out for a walk (even with your child), go for it. 

As for going out, pack the snacks mentioned above. get a food thermos, so your meals can stay warm. if you need to use a backpack for all of your food, then do it! You might just need to go out once cimply to overcome your anxiety. I hope some of this helps, good luck!



on June 29, 2015
at 11:03 AM

You could turn the white rice into a rice pudding if you can handle coconut milk.

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