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Asked on June 28, 2018
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Hi everyone

I searched around, but haven't quite gotten the answer I was looking for. 

I recently started eating more strictly paleo again (after a time of slacking and never really following Paleo more than 70%). My main reason for waning to eat paleo is in search of a diet that can help prevent my Migraines - and also just to be healthier and prevent the heartburn I associate with wheat. 

I am going on two trips, directly following one another: one to Egypt/Israel and then to Malawi. The one to Israel will be as part of a tourgroup. I am committed to eating at least 80% paleo and already have some paleo snack bars and will get some trail mix etc. We will be staying in hotels, so for breakfast and dinner I will eat the most Paleo thing on offer. My main concern is lunch and hence the snacks. I was thinking about getting jerky (or 'biltong' as our varation of it) but as far as I understand it falls under meat products that is not allowed through customs. Would this be the case even if it is store bought and sealed?

My biggest worry in eating Paleo is on my second trip, to Malawi. We will be about 5 people going there for 10 days to teach. We stay in a house and usually cook (quite paleo friendly) meals for dinner together. However, usually breakfast is packets of instant oats (that we buy at home and take with) and lunch is bread-based (since they can buy it by the dozens for cheap). We usually stop at the market for some veggies etc. (so lunch is also quite okay). But, what do I eat at breakfast? I am used to quite a spread of eggs and vegetables. Since we all stay and cook together (but I am usually the only one wanting more of a breakfast) I can't really go on and cook the breakfast I am used to, and was wondering if you have some recommendations for the most important meal of the day. (if I buy a bunch of my own eggs and veggies, chances are that it would dissapear quite quickly among the others or not go well with them if I keep cooking on my own). I was thinking about something that I could make/buy and take from here, that would be able to pass customs? (also, I am a student who already has a lot of expenses just going there, so it goes without saying that my budget is quite limited).

Since I haven't been eating strictly paleo for long now, I was thinking about giving it a slip, but really want to give it as best shot as possible. 

Thanks in advance you guys! 

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