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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 27, 2012 at 1:53 PM

My family is going paleo!!!

My youngest child has severe dairy allergies and also is allergic to tree nuts and peanuts. I am having trouble finding a transitional breakfast to ease my kiddos out of granola and oatmeal for breakfast that don't have nuts. My oldest doesn't like eggs and has influenced the others into not eating them. They have smoothies made with frozen berries, a banana, egg protein, and coconut milk, but they resist if I make it too often. The only way they will eat eggs is if I beat them like scrambled eggs, then bake them in the oven so they are fluffy like pancakes, but they will only eat them if they have honey all over them. I would like to cut out that much honey!

I usually make eggs with bacon or some leftover meat from the night before for my breakfast. The kiddos won't touch any of it except the bacon.

I would welcome any help...I am new and would appreciate any guidance...thank you all!



on July 28, 2012
at 04:48 AM

hmmm, what about coconut flakes, some kinda seeds, berries and coconut milk? Not sure how that would taste though...



on July 28, 2012
at 04:47 AM

I just thought, as difficult as being a parent must be, that id point out that only one of your kids is allergic to nuts. The oldest could still have almonds, macadamias etc, coconut flakes and coconut or almond milk for breakfast. Then I suppose the youngest would be jelous!....could always just feed them a pile of fried chicken/meat/ham & bacon and fried tomato...or some of the other probably much suggestions below :P



on July 27, 2012
at 11:49 PM

Yum! Thank you!

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8 Answers


on July 27, 2012
at 02:31 PM

One thing that I like is to take a large boiled potato, and put it in a waffle iron with some butter or bacon lard. Instant potato waffle, should be pretty good for a starchy breakfast with some nice topping.

Also, here is a bunch of ideas, some of which might work for your situation. http://pinterest.com/PaleoParents/recipes-to-try-breakfast/


on July 27, 2012
at 04:13 PM

Make crepes! Mostly just eggs, (maybe a small amount of arrowroot flour but not entirely necessary).

6 eggs 4 tbsp arrowroot powder 3 tbsp water

Mix these up in a blender and let sit for 15 minutes.

Melt coconut oil or raw, grassfed butter into a nonstick pan to coat.

Make crepes. Top with berries.


on July 27, 2012
at 09:37 PM

Something I do for my kids thats quick, easy and super delicious is smoked ham warmed in a skillet in a good amount of coconut oil. I get the smoked ham at whole foods for 7.99 a lb. My 1 year old will eat several slices with a handful of blueberries, cut to appropiate bite size pieces of course.

My kids don't like eggs very much either unless I get really creative with them. I find they'll enjoy them cooked in a skillet with ghee, garlic, very well diced onions and banana peppers.

Bacon is great as well, even cut and dropped in eggs. My wife will cook bacon on a foil covered cooking sheet for 15 min on 400 degrees. It comes out perfect everytime.

Smoothies with that much fruit really aren't paleo, in my opinion. Any more than a handful of fruit is just going to your liver and can be toxic in large quantities.

I know from experience that getting kids to eat paleo is more challenging that doing it yourself. Kids are constantly exposed to all caveats of non paleo foods on a daily basis. It's really a slow and enduring process. Consistency is the key and you have to allow a few cheats at birthdays and other occasions.


on July 27, 2012
at 04:17 PM

Congratulations on your family going paleo. Just because it is breakfast time doesn't mean you have to eat breakfast things!! Do they like veggies? Maybe try doing a stir-fry with coconut oil (if my Mom made that I'd eat it every day) with bits of bacon mixed in and maybe shredded meat or scrambled eggs? It is pretty easy.

Also what about some paleo pancakes? Extremely yummy and easy.

Personally, I'd just skin and boil a bunch of sweet potatoes on one of your non busy days and then keep them in the fridge for the whole week. They are highly versatile for a bunch of different types of breakfasts. Maybe one day you can do sweet potato mashed in coconut milk. Another day you can do sweet potato mashed with some burger meat from the night before and a side of avocado (sounds gross, but the sweet and salty is great!). You are going to have to have your kids experiment and try new things. They may resist, but after awhile they will ease into finding what they like to eat. Another favorite of mine is using coconut milk (use canned not cartons, it has crap in it) for a replacement of milk. Add in sunflower seeds, banana, peaches, berries, and cinnamon= YUM!!!

Good luck with everything! Personally, I think if you fish around the paleo blogosphere you can find plenty of recipes!


on January 18, 2013
at 02:30 AM

first of all, kudos for getting your family to go paleo! You might want to try these banana pancakes: mash 1 banana and 2 eggs, making sure both ingredients are well incorporated, then drop spoonfuls (be careful to allow plenty of space they spread alot) onto a hot, well-oiled frying pan, wait about 45 seconds, and flip. They're natrutally sweet from the bananas, so they don't need any syrup. They're popular even among the non-paleos in my house.



on July 27, 2012
at 10:13 PM

Try these Paleo Grits from the Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook http://paleocomfortfoods.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/paleo-grits-recipe.jpg



on July 27, 2012
at 11:49 PM

Yum! Thank you!


on July 27, 2012
at 10:09 PM

You could try different variations of this:


It has ground beef and I believe shredded sweet potato in it. I tried it with a ton of butter (cooked with the ground beef) without the spicy stuff and with my own vegetables and it came out fantastic! You can give it to them with ketchup maybe. And can be made ahead.

Also, there's always full-fat yogurt with berries or fruit with breakfast. Baked fruit may be extra yummy. I want to try apples with cinnamon. Maybe also with some whipped cream (heavy cream).

No one says you can't have dinner for breakfast too.

And you can make pancakes with dried coconut flakes and eggs. They come out tasting like coconut though, and not like pancakes to me. But maybe that's not bad.

Try getting your kids to cook with you/ take part in cooking with you. It may get them more into it.



on July 27, 2012
at 02:00 PM

Will they eat a quiche? There are recipes for things like sweet potato mixed with eggs and fried into a pancake-like thing. You may have to get pretty creative.

Anything that can be eaten for lunch or dinner can also be eaten for breakfast. Leftovers could work.

Or just let them eat bacon!

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