How bad are green smoothies for blood sugar, specifically for a picky eater without many other options?

Answered on January 22, 2016
Created January 20, 2016 at 10:23 PM

Hi All!

I have been Paleo for a while but still have one issue that I have not been able to solve by myself. I am a pretty picky eater (but I try everything!!!!!)  and was initially drawn to Paleo as a way to force myself to eat more vegetables. I typically don't have issues eating lots of vegetables at lunch or dinner, but I find breakfast to always be an issue. I really like drinking a green smoothie along with my two scrambled eggs. I used to make them pretty sweet, but I have weaned myself off the excess sugar to this recipe - 

5 frozen strawberries
"power greens" - usually some type of mix of chard, spinach, and kale
A little bit of coconut water
Chia seeds
Cold water

I thought that this was a great way to eat more green, leafy vegetables, and then I read an article on Robb Wolf entitled "Not So Smooth(ie) Move" and am torn. I have trouble finding many vegetables that I enjoy and do enjoy my morning smoothie. However, I am trying to lose weight (nothing dramatic) and understand how this could be detrimental in achieving this goal. Do the advantages of ingesting more vegetables outweigh the disadvantages of causing a spike in blood sugar? Would I be better off foregoing vegetables for breakfast?

I am sure someone will say this - but I have already tried adding greens to my eggs and I can't eat it. I know that is childish, but I am doing my best over here!!!!! Any other tips from paleo picky eaters?



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on January 22, 2016
at 05:42 PM

I wouldn't worry about the 5 strawberries, the green side of things has little powder.  But chia, sadly, is probably not paleo.


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