Hack my mild morning hunger

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 01, 2013 at 1:53 PM

Background info: I was doing pretty ok 80/20 paleo for a little while, but then slipped to probably 60/40 for a month or so and have been back to maybe 90/10 for the past couple weeks. Also, paleo, SAD, or whatever, I've never been someone who wakes up hungry. It takes a while before that hits.

I'm not sure if any of this stems from not yet being an efficient fat burner, but here's my deal. Since I'm not hungry after waking up (at 7ish), I don't make myself breakfast in the morning. I go to work, and I'll start getting hungry at 9 or 10. Usually I just wait until lunch at 12ish to eat. Ideally, I think I'd have a full breakfast when I got hungry around 9-10 then eat again when I got hungry again, which probably wouldn't happen until mid-late afternoon, which would not really work with my schedule.

So anyway, what I've been doing the past couple days is just having a few spoonfuls of homemade coconut butter (coconut flakes + a small amount of honey and 100% cocoa) to tide me over until I hit lunchtime and have a solid meal. I guess this is kind of similar to people doing bulletproof coffee. In the past I've also had a hard boiled egg "snack" instead of the coconut butter.

What do you all think of this? Would I be better off trying to force myself to have a breakfast before work, would I get used to that if I did it for a while? Am I better off dealing with the hunger and not snacking until lunch?

The feeling I'm getting is just a sense of hunger and sometimes a rumbly stomach, I don't feel like I'm craving carbs or have any symptoms that lead me to believe it'd be a carb crash, but maybe I'm wrong. Any thoughts?

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on August 01, 2013
at 01:57 PM

If it is working for you, stick with it. You don't want to always try to override your hunger response, because that will begin to change your hormones. If an egg or spoonful of coconut butter tides you over for a couple hours, that is a healthy way to do it.


on August 02, 2013
at 05:19 AM

I can't offer any scientific advice, but I can say that when I started Paleo in February (pretty hardcore... I'd say 90/10), I went from never wanting to eat till lunch time (on my SAD) to being totally ravenous by about 10. I thought I'd get used to it, but after about a month, I was still miserable till lunch, so I changed my habits. I HAD to have breakfast, or I was totally grouchy and headachey. It didn't have to be huge, though-- just something. Then I'd be set for hours. I'd eat fruit, almonds or I'd make egg/veggie casserole on Sunday and eat that all week (not a morning person, was definitely not going to get up earlier to make more food). On weekends, when I'd sleep a little later, I didn't experience the same intense hunger... not sure why! Anyway, all that to say, breakfast became part of the routine as a matter of necessity, and I don't think that's a bad thing. My husband does the half-day fasting business and I just... I don't understand it. I would be such a mean person... No one would like me if I couldn't have food till I left work every day! I think it would put a dent in my productivity, too. My eating before 10 on a fairly regular basis is, ultimately, in everyone's best interest. ;)

I think, also, maybe it doesn't have to be an ordeal. It's been a while since I've read all that the internet has to say about Paleo, but is there some rule that all of your meals must involve tons of food? Your snacks sound fine! You mention wanting to eat a full breakfast, but maybe you don't need it?



on August 02, 2013
at 04:10 AM

I'm not really sure what your happy/unhappy about? Are you still feeling hungry after you're breakfast? I've personally found that increasing my protein intake in the mornings equates to much more steady blood sugar levels. I was crashing quite heavily prior to lunch before switching to the homemade nut granola I now make. If I'm at home in the morning I often cook eggs as an alternative protein source. It helps mix things up.

I often take my breakfast to work and eat at 9 o'clock and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. It's actually meant to be healthy to fast for 12-16 hours a day if you can manage it. I personally don't worry too much about the "rules" though. Just find what works for you!


on August 02, 2013
at 01:24 AM

keep it simple, eat REAL food when you are hungry

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