What happened to my pumpkin bread??

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 18, 2011 at 12:19 PM

I'm not at all experienced in paleo baked goods (or any baked goods, really), and I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this.

Recently I made a loaf of paleo pumpkin bread using this recipe - http://paleoonmain.blogspot.com/2011/09/pumpkin-bread.html - without the topping. I sliced up the loaf and kept it on the counter wrapped in plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Yesterday (5 days after baking it), the remaining quarter of it was GROSS. It was all mushy, looking like it had melted or something, and when I pulled the slices apart, there were spider-web-like gooey strings between them. I even ventured a taste, and it was so awful that I had to spit it out and chug a ton of water. What happened??? The day before I had had a slice and it was fine!

The ingredients aren't anything weird -- almond flour, arrowroot powder, eggs, etc -- so I can't figure out why it suddely went so terribly BAD. Was it just that it wasn't kept in the fridge?




on October 18, 2011
at 12:30 PM

for quickbreads like that you should always keep them in the fridge. true, yeast-risen breads (that usually have much lower fat and protein amounts) are the opposite and should be stored at room temp, away from any moisture. Your bread, with all that egg and pumpkin puree Im guessing, just was not supposed to be at room temp for that long. Also, you may have not cooked it long enough initially.

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2 Answers


on October 18, 2011
at 12:32 PM

You made a natural product so it's not going to be shelf stable. So pretty much the storage path would be: a day or so on the counter, maybe a week in the fridge and then months in the freezer.

My suggestion? If you're not going to eat it all within a couple of days, slice the loaf up and freeze into portions. Pull out a slice and by the time your coffee/tea is made it will be thawed out and ready to go.

You did great, so if it was good definitely try again!



on October 18, 2011
at 02:37 PM

The same thing happens to me when i make banana bread, muffins or pumpkin muffins. You'll get that with any kind of fruit - it doesn't preserve. It'll be good for about 3 days or so. Definitely put half in the freezer so it keeps.

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