Why does marijuana make me faint?

Asked on August 25, 2011
Created August 25, 2011 at 7:52 PM

Several years ago I started reacting negatively to pot. My lower spine/tailbone region would tingle, I'd start to feel uncomfortable in a classic pre-fainting way, the world would 'turn dark' in the sense of everything becoming negatively valenced and uncomfortable, standing or talking would become increasingly difficult, I'd need to get up and leave if I was sitting, getting fresh air or trying to use the restroom would feel urgent, my skin would turn clammy and blueish, and eventually I'd usually pass out. Once I remember holding on to a table while my knees buckled, other times I blacked out crashing to the floor with a huge thud. Experimenting revealed that it wasn't due to interactions with alcohol, unrelated to hydration or having eaten, and was not affected by vehicle of administration like vaporizer or brownie. After eight variations of experimentation, I accepted that I couldn't smoke pot, and never have since.

Fwiw, I had spinal meningitis as a baby, and I'm ADHD with an Adderall prescription - these facts seems like they might be relevant.

You might wonder why this is a paleo question. Well, now that I've been eating paleo for 9 months, working out, getting sun, supplementing properly, etc, I'm healthier than I've ever been - indeed, the improvement of my immune system is the greatest benefit that I can discern. So, I'm wondering if that is reason enough to try pot again. I never smoked a lot of it, but when I did I really enjoyed it, and I feel like I've lost something that was very valuable and important to me.

So I can break my question into two questions because for my situation they are one and the same:

  1. On a general level, what was causing my negative reaction to pot? Given the answer to that:

  2. Is there reason to believe that my recently improved health has fixed the problem?

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