Meditators often observe that electromagnetic media (e.g. computers, TVs) affect brain/mind negatively. I observe (to my dislike) that I often "turn into a zombie" after using a computer-like device. But, why?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 06, 2013 at 8:34 AM

I often find that this occurs, even when only immersed in a task for 5-15 minutes, on a computer / tablet.

What means "turning into a zombie" are some various feeling-dead-like reactions. I experience:??

  • Disconnect (feeling disconnected / disoriented)

  • Feeling like one seems to when one is groggy or has not slept well

  • A sleepy or exhausted/drained-like feeling, at any time of the day

  • Feeling like one's mind is still attached to what was being done on the computer/tablet, but...

  • Feeling lethargic, slow-to-think, and groggy (When my mind normally spins very quickly when healthy

  • Feeling almost sick/nauseous or dehydrated

My suspicions are:

  • Not taking enough breaks, and frequent enough breaks

  • Not keeping up an "anti-sedentary" physical activity level. (e.g. moderate to vigorous movements for 1-10 mins every hour or three at least)

  • The act of focusing upon a computer screen for a long time can be akin to car motion sickness - if one does not keep an awareness of or interact with the world , it can be very disorienting. (Similar to car motion sickness being alleviated by reorienting and looking outside the window for awhile.)

  • All peoples can also pour various degrees of energy and internal structures (such as determination, or escapism, or hiding from life's worries, or feeling "stuck", or attached to finishing a particular task) into this, and that can vary & certainly affect individual reactions greatly.??

    ??(Certainly, not feeling attached/stuck physically (e.g. no place to set computer down/ tight power cord) is a large factor for me.)

But, I feel there may be something much more to this. ??

What say thee?

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on August 06, 2013
at 11:08 PM

I would sort out the EMF from the media effect itself. It's the media that has the mesmerizing effect:

-Entertainment media, whether it's a live concert or play, a film, or a TV program, is the most brain-soothing. All the thinking is done for you and requires no response.

-Print media requires some interaction, varying from the level of a children's picture book (minimal) to reading Proust in French (my maximum level of brain output is deciphering stream-of-consciousness in a foreign language). If I want to overload my brain quickly and shut it down to go to sleep, the easiest way is to pick up a cookbook written in French and try to read it without a dictionary. I can get the general sense, but what is a lievre, I think I used to know maybe a kind of rabbit or was it....zzzzzz.

-Electronic media can be pure entertainment, but it can also go to an even higher overload level than print, because it permits 24/7 brain challenge. Constantly solving 3 dimensional virtual puzzles; essentially emulating life. I'd call this the zombie part...



on August 06, 2013
at 08:54 PM

  1. http://www.jackkruse.com/emf-5-what-are-the-biologic-effects-of-emf/




Your intuitions are correct.......the major effect of EMF is calcium efflux from neurons in the pineal.......due to circadian mismatches which alters the resting membrane potential of every cell in your brain and in your body. Every gene in the genome has its own clock gene associated with it......when you are dehydrated you can expect a high BUN/creat ratio, high SHBG, Altered ASI and salivary melatonin. Eventually you will find leptin resistance due to alterations in NF kappa beta and IL-6. This underpins ever single disease we know of in man. How it affects the cell and its subsystems are what lead to the specific problem.

Read Robert O Becker's book Cross Currents. Get smarter with knowledge. Potential is what is within us to make each of us potent. But true potency is only determined when it is delivered with wisdom.


on August 06, 2013
at 12:21 PM

The mental symptoms you mentioned sound like information overload.

As for the physical symptom, don't know.


on April 14, 2014
at 07:56 PM

It was out of concern for questions like this that I wrote, The Luddite's Guide to Technology.

In a word--and speaking on a spiritual plane rather than a scientific one--technologies are not neutral and bring side effects beyond the obvious. Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television (http://www.powells.com/partner/24934/biblio/0688082742?p_isbn) is copyright 1974, and if anything its points are more strongly made now than when the book came out. To pick one thread out of many, the light that comes from computer and television screens is very different from the spectrum of almost any natural source. And the (sometimes) scientific arguments are tied to some spiritual perception.

I'd say that almost any material technology has some hidden spiritual price tag.


on August 06, 2013
at 11:07 AM

Maybe it could be something to do with the lighting, glare etc emitted from the screens... Ala this, via google: http://forums.healthcentral.com/discussion/migraine/forums/a/tpc/f/1781015/m/75910083

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