Help with B12&MTHFR - symptoms are swinging & not sticking. Mood and neurological symptoms completely clear... but don't stick & swing back after a bit.

Answered on October 11, 2013
Created October 11, 2013 at 4:46 PM

This may be a bit of a long post. Apologies in advance: I wanted to just get it out there.

I began taking B12 (methylcobalamin) and folate (methylfolate), & ~2,500 IU D3/ 500mg K2 recently.

While the symptoms & dramatic improvements ( tingling hands, numbness in large portion of leg, alarming head pains, pressure, bad digestion) are too nunmerous to list at the moment; the basic points are:

I suspect low-level B12/folate deficiency over at LEAST the last 3-5 years of my life.

Neuropathy showed up in the last weeks. This was extremely alarming. I began taking methyl-B12 (~11 days now) & ordered

methyl-folate (2 days), D3/K2 (2 days), and a host of other vitamins/supplements/cofactors.

The methyl-folate made a huge difference. Initial B12 cleared up a lot of pain, pressure, and brain fog, and restored

feeling in a leg that had gone partially near-completely numb.

With methyl-folate, my symptoms feel DRAMATICALLY improved.

Thinking is clear, an immense amount of energy... eyesight and thinking feel better than they have in 3-5 YEARS.

I take:

methyl-B12 bucally (5mg x 1-2): This makes my hands/legs/back have sharp stinging sometimes.

Solgar metfolin (methylefolate) bucally 800mcg x 3-10+: Experimenting.

Vit C: 2-4mg

Chromium GTF: 200 mg

Zinc 50 mg (more if I've eaten liver, high in copper)

D-Ribose: 0-6 g

Potassium: 99mg x 0-10 (I try to get this from food, but apparently Potassium is potentially important in

detoxing/healing/B12 deficiencies, so am experiementing. [Apparently, this can cause detox-like symptoms if it's too low.)

D3 2500 IU (drops)

K2 500 mg (drops)

trimethylglycine (this helps create SAMe & with methylation, fm what I understand so far) 400mg: Experimenting with


On order: sunflower lecithin


I feel like there are too many details to list them all, but please ask if more would be helpful...

My main question right now is... while I feel dramatically better, and not bloated/digesting well for the 1st time in ~3 years.... why does my mood & thinking (and eyesight... which always turns extremely crystal-sharp when methylfolate[this seems to improve it significantly]/methylb12 are under lip) / general head pain crash somewhat when I don't have methyl-folate (/methylb12) actively under my lip?

I still feel a lot better, and my stomach being unbloated is nothing short of amazing... And, my body seems to radiate warmth, though not sure if this's a good thing.

The neuropathy(pins & needles/ numb parts of the body) goes pretty much completely/mostly away, and I feel like sensation has returned to most of my body. But, my mood is a bit shaky/weak, then swings to bright & strong & happy.

Am I missing cofactors? Am I healing? What's going on?



on October 11, 2013
at 04:52 PM

Couple more details:

Recovering from too low-carb (~6-8 mnths), potentially (lots of meat/veg/fat, no starches) & adding yams & carbs back into diet. (This is why high vit. C -- think, like Paul Jaminet, had scurvy for awhile) [Also felt dry/dehydrated & think mucus in bodily membranes was lacking.]

Have not had but going to get a metabolic panel done for vit. deficiencies.

Do not knonw if I have MTHFR or some other problem with folate/B12 metabolism. Going to get tests.

Any suggestions for further testing would be helpful.

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on October 11, 2013
at 06:06 PM

How much sodium are you getting? I found more sodium, less potassium really helps with the neurological issues I've had (especially tingling).

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